As we already knew a new event is on the horizon. “Hokuto no Ken” a.k.a “Fist of the North Star”.


The general consensus is that Kenshiro will be the Jump Awakened unit for this event (although nothing confirmed yet).

However what we DO know is that a bunch of new units are coming soon!


Leaked in the image with Sasaki-san we see 8 character cards, although 2 are hidden almost completely, the cards are as follows:

Mamiya – Hokuto no Ken . Teq

Rei – Hokuto no Ken . Str

Gaara – Naruto . Teq

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo – Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo . Str

Hiko Seijuro – Rurouni Kenshin . Phy

Myojin Yahiko – Rurouni Kenshin . unknown

Now there is a lot of things we can speculate from this teaser image, but what we know for sure is that Yahiko and Hiko will feature as rewards in an event related to Vs Battle.


I think we will see Kenshiro as the Jump Awakened unit for this event, Mamiya would make sense as a free unit (similar to Joey from the last event), that would leave Rei, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo and Gaara to be part of the gacha.

The two hidden cards are interesting though, not sure what they will be, my gut instinct is that maybe Kenshin will get a Jump Awakening from the Vs Battle event but if not, we are still waiting for our first raid so maybe this will be it!

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