New Exclusive Units in the New Season of Vs. Battle


Sorry this took a while to get up after the update dropped, but I wanted to get the new units first to see what they can do and test out what had changed in the new update to Vs. Battle.

Among all the cool stuff that got added in the last big content drop, was a massive update to the Vs. Battle game mode. There are multiple things to go over so let’s get started:

New Season Times

Seasons are now 2 weeks long, in order for you to have a better chance of winning all the rewards, now bear in mind, the stamina system, points system and rewards have been overhauled to reflect this so this game mode will take more of your time than it used to.

This season of Vs. Battle will be active during: 04:00 14/09/2017 – 03:00 28/09/2017 (JST)

New Stamina System

Vs. Battle Stamina is no longer set to 5 a day, you will regen 1 stamina per hour. This stamina will stack up until 10 then your stamina regen stops until you use some up.

This means you will have 24 Vs. Battle stamina to work with each day (if you plan your stamina use properly). This does make Vs. Battle an even bigger time-sink than it was before, but you also have more stamina to work with and more time, so getting all the rewards is far easier and there is a larger margin for error.

If you don’t have a decent PVP team then just aim for getting the PVP Exclusive units, which require 3.5k and 7k points, this should be achievable for almost all players over the course of the season.

Opponent AI and Passive Changes

Nothing was written about this in the announcement but, to me, the AI seems hellbent on focusing one unit down to 0 HP (essentially playing the same way real players would).

The AI will attack the unit they can kill quickest now, this takes into account Hp, Def and type advantage.

Its should also be noted that for the first time, enemy passives are now active, which makes units like Hisoka a massive threat as they will get their Ultimate Attacks much faster than before.

Points System Revamp

The amount of points won per game have risen significantly since last season, you still earn points for the same things but the amount you earn for damage dealt, turn count and remaining Hp have been increased, you also lose less points than you used to, for failing to kill the opponent quickly, failing to deal large amounts of damage and finishing with low HP.

In the announcement, the dev team made a point of saying that they wanted to reward the player for doing as much damage as possible and clearing the stage as fast as possible. This has led to a slight change in the meta for PVP, before units like Soma were a must, due to the fact that people wanted to finish with as much HP as possible. Now the main focus is dealing damage and getting the job done quickly, units with quick cool-downs and Skill/Ult Sealing have become the go to units for this season.


PVP Strategy and Teambuilding

I’m not an expert when it comes to PVP, I don’t aim for Max points or playing meta teams, I just want to get the wins I need under my belt and get my rewards. So my input on team building for PVP probably wouldn’t be that useful for most people.

For people who want to take PVP seriously, but need help, go see AsianGuyStream’s Guide


Vs. Battle Exclusive Unit 1


Myojin Yahiko

from Rurouni Kenshin
Type: Heart
Class: DPS
Era: 1990s


HP: 4119

Attack: 1055

Defence: 435

Speed: 31

*Stats shown are at level 50

Leader Skill: Boost the ATK of Persistent characteristic characters by a large amount

Ultimate Attack: Increase Damage against DPS class enemies by a large amount (for 2 turns) and Inflict 200% of this unit’s ATK to target (Cooldown: 59)
Skill 1: Reduce the Skill gauge of support enemy skills by 10% (Cooldown: 29)
Skill 2: Increase this units ATK and DEF by a medium amount for 4 turns (Cooldown: 59)
Skill 3: Increase this units Critical Hit rate by a medium amount and increase this units normal attack count by +1 for 4 turns (Cooldown: 64)


  • Improved DEF against DPS class enemies
  • Increase the HP of Persistent Characters by a medium amount
  • When HP is less than half, increase this units normal attack count by +1


  • Swordsman
  • Persistent
  • Hard Worker
  • Hot Blooded
  • Fighting Spirit

To get a copy of Yahiko you need to earn 3500 pt during this season of Vs. Battle


Vs. Battle Exclusive Unit 2


Hiko Seijuro XIII

from Rurouni Kenshin
Type: Physical
Class: DPS
Era: 1990s


HP: 4159

Attack: 1113

Defence: 400

Speed: 35

*Stats shown are at level 50

Leader Skill: Boost the ATK of Strength, Heart and Physical units by a large amount

Ultimate Attack: Increase damage inflicted against Hand to Hand combat characteristic enemies by an Extreme Amount (for 2 turns), Inflict 9 hits of 90% of this units attack (Cooldown: 49)
Skill 1: Attack Target twice for 120% of this units Attack (Cooldown: 44)
Skill 2: Chance to nullify damage and chance to counter for 3 turns (Cooldown: 69)
Skill 3: Reduce Atk of target by a medium amount for 4 turns, decrease skill gauge of Hand to Hand Combat characteristic enemies by 10% (Cooldown: 64)


  • Improved DEF against Hand to Hand Combat Characteristic enemies
  • Improve DEF of allies with the Swordsman Characteristic by a medium amount
  • When HP is less than half, Ultimate attack damage is by a large amount


  • Swordsman
  • Super Human
  • Genius
  • Teacher

To get a copy of Hiko you need to earn 7000 pt during this season of Vs. Battle


New Rewards

This season has the best Vs. Battle rewards we have ever seen, it will be slightly more difficult for some people to get all the rewards but for some people it may be slightly easier because there is a higher margin for error. In general the rewards being given out are to help you level, skill up and awaken the 2 new Vs. Battle units.

  • 50 pt – 2* Dumbell (Rainbow) x3
  • 100 pt – Gold x10k
  • 150 pt – Memorial Stone x100
  • 200 pt – 1* Pen (Rainbow) x20
  • 250 pt – 2* Pen (Rainbow) x10
  • 300 pt – 3* Pen (Rainbow) x3
  • 400 pt – 3* Dumbbell (Rainbow) x5
  • 500 pt – 1* Scroll (Universal) x10
  • 600 pt – 1* Pen (Rainbow) x10
  • 700 pt – 1* Scroll (DPS) x5
  • 800 pt – 1* Scroll (DPS) x10
  • 900 pt – 3* Dumbbell (Rainbow) x5
  • 1000 pt – Gold x30k
  • 1100 pt – Memorial Stone x200
  • 1200 pt – 1* Pen (Rainbow) x10
  • 1300 pt – 2* Pen (Rainbow) x10
  • 1400 pt – 1* Scroll (DPS) x3
  • 1500 pt – 1* Pen (Psy) x20
  • 1600 pt – 2* Pen (Psy) x10
  • 1700 pt – 1* Scroll (Universal) x3
  • 1800 pt – 3* Pen (Rainbow) x5
  • 1900 pt – 3* Pen (Psy) x5
  • 2000 pt – 3* Dumbbell (Psy) x5
  • 2100 pt – Gold x30k
  • 2200 pt – Memorial Stone x200
  • 2300 pt – 2* Scroll (DPS) x10
  • 2400 pt – 2* Pen (Psy) x10
  • 2500 pt – 2* Pen (Psy) x15
  • 2700 pt – 2* Scroll (Universal) x5
  • 2800 pt – 3* Pen (Psy) x10
  • 3000 pt – 3* Pen (Psy) x10
  • 3250 pt – 3* Dumbbell (Psy) x5
  • 3500 pt – 3* Myojin Yahiko
  • 3600 pt – 1* Scroll (Universal) x5
  • 3700 pt – 3* Dumbbell (Rainbow) x3
  • 3800 pt – 3* Dumbbell (Rainbow) x5
  • 3900 pt – Gold x30k
  • 4000 pt – Memorial Stone x300
  • 4100 pt – 1* Scroll (DPS) x5
  • 4200 pt – 1* Pen (Phy) x20
  • 4300 pt – 2* Pen (Phy) x10
  • 4400 pt – 2* Scroll (DPS) x10
  • 4500 pt – 3* Pen (Rainbow) x5
  • 4600 pt – 3* Pen (Phy) x5
  • 4700 pt – 3* Dumbbell (Phy) x5
  • 4800 pt – Gold x50k
  • 4900 pt – Memorial Stone x500
  • 5000 pt – 2* Scroll (DPS) x15
  • 5100 pt – 2* Pen (Phy) x10
  • 5200 pt – 2* Pen (Phy) x15
  • 5300 pt – 3* Scroll (DPS) x5
  • 5400 pt – 3* Pen (Phy) x10
  • 5500 pt – 3* Pen (Phy) x10
  • 5600 pt – 3* Dumbbell (Phy) x5
  • 5700 pt – Gold x50k
  • 5800 pt – Memorial Stone x500
  • 5900 pt – 2* Scroll (Universal) x5
  • 6000 pt – 2* Pen (Rainbow) x7
  • 6200 pt – 2* Pen (Rainbow) x8
  • 6400 pt – 3* Scroll (Universal) x5
  • 6600 pt – 3* Pen (Rainbow) x7
  • 6800 pt – 3* Pen (Rainbow) x8
  • 7000 pt – 3* Hiko Seijuro XIII
  • 7500 pt – 2* Scroll (DPS) x7
  • 8000 pt – 3* Scroll (DPS) x7
  • 8500 pt – 2* Scroll (Universal) x7
  • 9000 pt – 2* Scroll (Universal) x7
  • 9500 pt – 3* Scroll (Universal) x7
  • 10000 pt – 3* Scroll (DPS) x7
  • 10500 pt – Memorial Stone x1000
  • 11000 pt – Jump Orb x10
  • 11500 pt – 2* Scroll (DPS) x10
  • 12000 pt – 3* Scroll (DPS) x10
  • 12500 pt – 2* Scroll (Universal) x10
  • 13000 pt – 2* Scroll (Universal) x10
  • 13500 pt – 3* Scroll (Universal) x10
  • 14000 pt – 3* Scroll (DPS x10
  • 14500 pt – 3* Dumbbell (Rainbow) x10
  • 15000 pt – Jump Orb x20

Cheaters in Vs. Battle?

It believed by some, that there are cheaters in PVP.

Players who get insanely high amounts of points with teams that simply aren’t capable of that. There probably aren’t that many people cheating as this game is relatively young but there are a select few who very well might be.

In general them cheating will have no effect on you anyway (the only rewards for ranking high are gold at the moment which is nice but really not a big deal), but I thought it was worth mentioning for people who were hoping to have a shot of ranking near the top.

For anyone who doubts this, let’s take an example:

lake, currently no.1 in PVP as of writing this.

He is running a lvl.54 Goku as leader.

He has 31040pts.

Goku is a relatively uncommon leader, for high rankers, anyway but to only have him at lvl.54 when the majority of other high ranking players are whales with lvl. 60 limit broken units is strange, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he switched leaders to show off, or maybe the rest of his team are all Limit Broken to 60.

However the latter definitely isn’t true because we know what his team looks like:

lake 2.png

*Screenshot from AsianGuyStream*

Even if we say that he was able to get in a Vs. Battle run before the second maintenance on the first day of the new season, that still only leaves him 24 stamina a day + 13 for today because the day isn’t over yet + we all started with 10 Stamina.

This season has been live for 4 days and 13 hours as of writing this.So:

24 x 4 = 96 (the amount of stamina for the 4 full days the season has been live)

96 + 13 = 109 (add on today’s extra 13 stam)

109 + 10 = 119 (add on the 10 stam we all started with)

So this user had 119 potential stamina to work with, the same as everyone else.

Finally we divide the points he’s earned by the runs he has done and we get:

31040 / 199 = 260.8

Meaning that not only does this guy need to have a 100% win rate (which is fair enough) but he has averaged 260 points per battle without making a single mistake.

But the thing is, he doesn’t even have a 100% win record:


*Screenshot from AsianGuyStream*

I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you think they are cheating or not but in my opinion those points are too crazy to be true.

*If you have any suggestions for site or article improvements, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and let us know!*

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