22/09/2017 News

Hiko Seijuro XIII Fix

Hiko Seijuro’s ultimate attack was inflicting larger damage than the description stated and has been altered;

Increase damage inflicted against Hand to Hand combat characteristic enemies by an Extreme Amount (for 2 turns), Inflict 9 hits of 100% of this units attack to the target (Cooldown: 38)

Effect shown is at level 10

As compensation everyone has received 5 Jump Orbs in their gift box.

New Scene Gacha


A new Scene Gacha is being held and it will only feature cards from the 1980’s era. If you are missing specific cards from the 1980’s then it is time to summon. There will be no cards from other eras in this gacha.

12:00 22/09/2017 ~ 11:59 28/09/2017 (JST)

Login Bug

11:09 22/09/2017 ~ 11:22 22/09/2017 (JST)

Between the times shown above some users were having trouble logging in to the game, this issue should now be fixed and everyone should be able to access the game again.

iOS 11 Problems

The team have noticed that there are issues running the app on iOS 11 that may prevent you from playing the game or at least may have a negative effect on your gameplay experience. They warn iOS users that upgrading to iOS 11 at this time is not recommended if you wish to play Jump Ore Collection.

They will update us on the situation once they have made progress with the compatibility problems.

Ore Collection at TGS

Tokyo Game Show is on this week in Japan and BandaiNamco and VJump are both involved. If you happen to be at TGS then you can go to Ore Collection booth and see whats going on, they have said there will be lots of mini-events during TGS

It hasn’t been stated whether we will get any news on Ore Collection but we do know that Sasaki-kun (this guy) is going to be there with the BandaiNamco and V-Jump crews

To celebrate the upcoming release of Slam Dunk on Ore Collection he will be attempting Free-Throws at the event, if he is successful we will each receive 50 Jump orbs and 500K Jump Gold

*Note: he has already done one successful free-throw


If you want to watch any of the Bandai Livestreams from TGS, most of them are scheduled on their Youtube

There is also a bunch of coverage from the event on the VJUMP Nico Nico channel (you will need premium)

Stay tuned to the Ore Collection PR Twitter account for more updates.


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