Katekyo Hitman Reborn Event


Vongola Guardian Ring Competition

Sawada Tsunayoshi is a middle school student who is useless at everything he does. The baby Mafioso Reborn appears one day and says he will be Tsuna’s Hitman Tutor so that he can one day become the Tenth boss of the Vongola Family.

In this event you will battle against Xanxus, the leader of Varia, the family’s strongest assassination squad. You must defeat Varia and earn Tsuna his seat as the legitimate Vongola Successor. Let’s Fight to protect the Vongola rings!

Event Period: 2/28 ~ 3/9 11:59

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Jump Orb Sale Extension


The Beginner Campaign has been extended!

“The Beginner Orb Set sold in this Beginner Campaign was our best seller! Due to it’s popularity we will extend the sale period!”

You can purchase 15 jump orbs for the Price of 5!

You can purchase this pack once a day during this campaign so please make good use of it!

16:00 11/10/2017 – 3:59 25/10/2017 JST

16:00 11/10/2017 – 3:59 30/11/2017 JST

Please note, the pack will be available again for purchase each day at 4:00 JST

How to Purchase Jump Orbs

In order to purchase orbs you will need:

  • Access to either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • A debit/credit card or Paypal or credit on the store
  • Permission to use the above

Step One

Click Here.png

Click on the Jump Orb Button in the top right corner of the main screen.

Step 2

Click here 2

Select the Purchase Jump Orbs option on this menu. The other two options are refill stamina bar and expand character box, which cost 5 orbs and 10 orbs respectively.

Step 3

Click here 3

On this page you will told how many Jump Orbs you are permitted to purchase per month. This amount will change based on your age:

  • Under the age of 16: 5000 yen per month
  • Between 16 and 19: 20,000 yen per month
  • Over the age of 20: No Limit

Step 4


After clicking the text entry bar, enter your date of birth. The format is YYYY/MM/DD, without the slashes. The text pre-filled in the bar is just an example:

19850101 = 1st January 1985

Step 5

click here 4

After filling in your date of birth, click the orange button to continue to the Jump Orb Shop.

Step 6


The buttons on screen are the pack options:

  • The big white number is how many Orbs you will receive
  • The small yellow number is how much you will be charged in yen
  • The big white text on the button is just the pack name, which will appear in your transaction history on the app store/google play store

After selecting an option, the rest of the transaction will take place through the Google Play Store / Apple App Store.

It is important to note, transactions take place in yen and then will be converted to your local currency based on exchange rates at the time of purchase.

Certain banks will charge you a fee for making a purchase in a foreign currency

Season 4 Vs. Battle Event


A new season of Vs. Battle has been announced!

The season will run from:

04:00 24/10 – 03:59 10/11

An event is being held in the Battle Arena!

This event will provide reprint copies of Season 1 units; Myojin Yahiko and Hiko Seijuro XII from the series Rurouni Kenshin – Romance of the Meji Era

Due to changes to the Awakening method coming soon, these units will drop at 5* rarity!

Receive Myojin Yahiko at 3500 pts & 20,000 pts & 30,00 pts

Recieve Hiko Seijuro XII at 7000 pts & 25000 pts & 45,000 pts

Also, this season earn plenty of Jump Gold and Skill Up Scrolls from the Points Rewards!

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The Ore Collection Beta?

The wait for a new event/update seems to be quite long, so in an attempt to get past the boredom, I decided to write this article about the changes between the pre-release of the game and now. There were a surprising amount of changes that made it into multiple early builds of the game and into advertisements but not quite to the final game. Please remember that a lot of the pre-release screenshots are quite low res, not much I can do about that, sorry.

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