Clash in Yorknew City – Event Breakdown

Hunter x Hunter – Clash in Yorknew City


The first ever event added to the game, this event also introduced the first event Jump unit, Kurapika

If you have already collected all the stage rewards then, on a second playthrough, all there really is to do now is farm Rainbow Dumbbells and points for the restocked point shop.

But if failed to pull Kurapika or you pulled him but you missed out on your chance to awaken him to Jump Kurapika, now is your chance to redeem yourself

Hunter x Hunter Gacha


The HxH gacha has returned! This is your chance to grab Kurapika!

The gacha will feature all the normal “standard” gacha units but will include a boosted chance of pulling the 5* units:

  • [Survivor of the Kurta Clan] Kurapika
  • [A Hunter with the aspiration to be a Doctor] Leorio Paradiknight
  • [Magician who favors Battle] Hisoka Morrow
*all these units will be available as 3* and 4* but these other rarities will not be boosted

Clash in Yorknew City – Event Stages


The first event ever to drop on Weekly Shonen Jump: Ore Collection! In this event challenge the Phantom Troupe and their enigmatic boss Chrollo Lucilfer

This event has 8 Stages that can be challenged on 3 difficulties:

Beginner – Intermediate – Expert

As with all the events this game has held so far; the harder the stage is, the better the drops are. So for this event, the optimal stage for general farming is Stage 8 on Expert.

Unlike certain other events, the medals you need from this event will not be available as drops. The only way to get the medals you need will be by buying them from the points store.

How do I get everything from the event?

In order to get everything from the event you need to clear all the stage rewards and earn points in order to buy everything from the shop.


Events typically come with missions to complete, but normally the missions are only available on the first print of the event, reprints that follow will not have these missions or the rewards that accompany them.

Stage Clear Rewards

In order to earn all the Stage Clear rewards you will need to clear every stage once on each difficulty. These rewards will only be available if you have never cleared the event before. Clearing all the stages will earn you:

  • Some Universal Scrolls (all rarities)
  • Memorial Stones
  • Gold
  • 3 Hunter x Hunter Scenes
  • Jade Dragon Awakening Item x3
  • 3* Zeno Zoldyck x1
  • 4* Zeno Zoldyck x1
  • 5* Zeno Zoldyck x1

Point Shop Clear

I do not recommend clearing out the store, only buy what you want/need. This event is one of the worst to farm, there isn’t much in the point store, the event is more difficult than most recent events and the drops are terrible. It’s probably worth grabbing a few items out of the shop with points though (especially if you are done with the Goku event)

As for my recommendations for the shop, this is my personal priority list:

  1. 3* Zeno Zoldyck x3
  2. Jade Dragon Awakening Item x6
  3. Gold
  4. Memorial Stones
  5. Dumbbells
  6. Everything 50 points or cheaper
  7. Medals
  8. Anything Else Remaining

This will vary from person to person depending on what you want/need for your account at the time but this is just a general guideline. Don’t forget to consider that pens will no longer be used as awakening material when the next update drops and purchase with caution.

If you managed to summon Kurapika then the medals go to the top of the list as this is the only way to obtain them.

Let’s move on to the characters involved with this event. There are 2, the free to play unit, Zeno Zoldyck and the Jump unit, Kurapika;

This Event’s Free To Play unit


Zeno Zoldyck

from Hunter x Hunter

Type: Technique

Class: DPS

Era: 1990’s

Leader Skill:  Boost the Attack of Agile and Technique units by a Large amount

Skills (lvl. 10)

Ultimate Attack: Inflict 900% of this units ATK to target enemy (Cooldown : 100)

Skill 1: Inflict 210% of this units ATK to target enemy (Cooldown : 25)

Skill 2: Boost the ATK of this unit by an Extreme amount for 4 turns (Cooldown: 45)

Skill 3: Boost the power of this units Ultimate Attack by an Extreme amount for 6 turns (Cooldown: 40)

Stats (lvl. 50)

  • HP: 3300
  • Attack: 1115
  • Defence: 335
  • Speed: 32


  • Boost the Damage output of units with the Hand to Hand Combat characteristic
  • Boost the chance of Critical hits for Technique allies by a Large amount
  • When HP is below 20%, increase ATK by a Large amount


  • Pro
  • Master
  • Money

How To Obtain this unit

You will receive copies of this unit from:

  • Stage Completion Reward – Stage 1 (Beginner)
  • Stage Completion Reward – Stage 8 (Intermediate)
  • Stage Completion Reward – Stage 8 (Expert)
  • Point Shop Purchase – 1000 pts (once)
  • Point Shop Purchase – 2000 pts (once)
  • Point Shop Purchase – 3000 pts (once)


In order to max limit break Zeno Zoldyck you will need 6 Copies of the unit. Unlike some other events, you will not receive enough copies of Zeno from normal play, this means you will need to purchase all 3 copies from the store. Make sure you have all the copies you need before the event goes away, as we do not know when the event will return.

You will receive 1 copy at 5* rating

How to Awaken the 3* and 4* versions of this unit

Zeno Zoldyck requires an event specific Awakening item called a Jade Dragon. You will receive 1 Jade Dragon from:

  • Stage Completion reward – Stage 8 (Beginner)
  • Stage Completion Reward – Stage 5 (Intermediate)
  • Stage Completion Reward – Stage 5 (Expert)
  • Point Shop Purchase – 1000 pts (6 times)

Each Zeno requires 1 Jade dragon to be awakened to the next rarity. You receive 1 copy of Zeno as a 4* and 1 copy as a 5* so you will need all 9 Jade Dragons in order to awaken all the Zenos you need to Max Limit Break.

This Event’s Jump unit


from Hunter x Hunter

Type: Technique

Class: All rounder

Era: 1990’s

Leader Skill: Boost the Attack of Technique and Agile units by a Large amount

Jump Leader Skill: Boost the Attack of TechniqueAgile and Physical units by a Large amount

Skills (lvl. 10)

Ultimate Attack: Prevents status debuffs on this unit for 4 turns, chance to counter normal attacks for 4 turns and for 2 turns there is a chance to negate damage  (Cooldown: 60)

JUMP Ultimate Attack: If the target is from Hunter x Hunter boost damage against them by an Extreme amount for 2 turns.  Inflict 600% of this units Attack in damage to target. Apply bleed state to this unit (500 damage a turn at lv.10) for 2 turns (Cooldown: 20)

Skill 1: Inflict 110% of this units attack in damage to target enemy. Boost this units Defence by large amount for 4 turns (Cooldown: 30)

Skill 2: Reduce the Attack and Defence of the target by a Large amount for 4 turns, if the target is a member of the ‘Phantom Troupe’ delay target’s cooldowns on their abilities by 80% (Cooldown: 45)

Skill 3: Inflict 400% of this character’s ATK to the target and negate one positive buff on your target (Cooldown: 30)

Skill 4 (Jump Only): Prevent status debuffs from this unit for 6 turns. Increase the number of normal attacks for this unit by +2. Negate all damage aimed at this unit for 4 turns (Cooldown: 80)

Stats (lvl. 50)

  • HP: 4285
  • Attack: 880
  • Defence: 753
  • Speed: 30

Jump Stats(lvl. 50)

  • HP: 5014
  • Attack: 1039
  • Defence: 814
  • Speed: 32


  • Increase damage dealt to Evil characteristic characters
  • Boost the Attack of Technique type allies
  • When HP is below half, boost this units Defence by an Extreme amount


  • Pro
  • Avenger
  • Prodigy

How To Obtain this unit

Kurapika can only be obtained from this limited gacha. This was the first time a limited gacha has returned so I assume that they will all return in some form or another eventually.

How To Jump Awaken this unit

Kurapika requires awakening medals from the Hunter x Hunter event in order to Jump Awaken. You will need the following medals;

  • 5 x 1990’s Era Medals
  • 5 x Kurapika Medals
  • 5 x Hisoka Morrow Medals
  • 3 x Chrollo Lucilfer Medals
  • 10 x Uvogin Medals

Unlike other events, these medals can only be obtained from the points shop

The best place to farm points is Stage 8.


Honestly normally I would post a bunch of teams that *can* beat the event, but for this event, that may be a decent bit harder for people who are new to the game, my recommendation is to just build one good Technique team. This will help you now and when this event comes back in the future.

Stand Out Units

Any of the units above make great subs for a Technique team to use during this event. The stand out units are Zeno and Kurapika/Jump Kurapika, if you don’t have either of these ready/available then it can be good to bring them as a guest leader.

Jump Kenshiro is also a fantastic unit to bring along, at Skill Level 10 his Ultimate Attack will make light work of Chrollo.

Obviously you aren’t limited to the units above and you should use whichever Technique units you have, but in my opinion they are some of the best to bring along.

Below I’ll list all the unit’s whose leader skills boost Technique units:

Extreme Defence: Gaara, Masaru Hananakajima

Extreme HP: Ichido Rei

Extreme Attack: Kenshiro, Kurokami Medaka, Sakata Gintoki

Extreme Crit: Joseph Joestar, Kuga Yuuma

Hybrid Attack: Jump Kenshiro, Roronoa Zoro, Kurapika, Jump Kurapika, Zeno Zoldyck, Uchiha Sasuke, Hiei, Kaori Makimura, Rei, Jump Super Saiyan Goku

Hybrid Crit: Krillin, Yukime, Kazuma Kuwabara, Kageyama Tobio, Saiki Kusuo

Hybrid Defence: Sagara Sanosuke, Dragon Shiryu, Lala Satalin Deviluke

Hybrid HP: Mamiya

Personally I would avoid Heart type units like Goku and Yukime

They will have a disadvantage against Chrollo and in general their leader skills aren’t optimal, that being said, Stage 8 isn’t entirely Physical type, which may make things trickier for you if your team is low level or has poor type match ups.

If you are struggling to beat the stage I recommend an Extreme Defence leader for your Technique team, this will allow you to live longer in order to beat the stage. Extreme Defence and Extreme HP are particularly effective if you have healers like Yukihira Soma or Ichido Rei to heal you back up so you can take even more hits. Remember, if you have Yukihira Soma he doesn’t need to fit in the team, just put him in any team and he will heal you like crazy.

More experienced players with better boxes should be aiming for an Extreme Attack team, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a Technique team, but other teams will be slower.

The general way I normally go about this is; use skills to make sure all your units survive till the last room then blast Chrollo with the Ultimate Attacks of units like Jump Kenshiro and its an easy clear.


Chrollo has an invincibility buff after his Ultimate Attack that will negate all damage he receives. Make sure not to hit him with skills/ultimate attacks during this time.

Final Thoughts

The quality of events has been creeping higher and higher to the point that events like this one don’t really seem worthwhile. You get less coins, less memorial stones and worse drops for a higher stamina cost + the store doesn’t have too much worthwhile in it.

However, if you managed to summon Kurapika,you really need to get those medals so you can Jump Awaken him. Jump Kurapika is such a good unit and is most definitely worth your time. Even if you didn’t pull him, I would say it is at least worthwhile to get yourself a max limit break Zeno Zoldyck and if you already have one from last event then I recommend you get a few more copies and get them to 5* just in case they have some use in the new update.

As for me, I still don’t have Kurapika. I will be grabbing the Zeno copies and the Jade Dragons from the store but then I probably won’t farm much more of that event seeing as I still want to get a few more things from the Dragon Ball event store. I’m hoping to awaken as many units as possible before the next update because I am unsure of how the new mechanics will work and want to be as prepared as possible. I have already awakened all my 3* units into 4*s so there are no units below 4* in my box anymore, I have also made sure that I have at least one 5* copy of every character I own, but ideally I’d like to get a few more units up to 5* for limit breaks before the new update.

How is your character box? and What are you aiming to get done before the update?

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