Version 1.3.0

A new version of the game will be released! Planned for late October.


Here are the contents of the Version 1.3.0 update

  • New Stronger Character cards being added!
  • A New rarity [Victory] added!
  • 3* and 4* units can now Limit Break!
  • Evolve units using surplus character cards!

Addition of new Rarity “Victory”

It will be possible to awaken the character cards that could only be awakened to 5* rarity to a new rarity beyond called “Victory”

Jump units can also be awakened to “Victory” rarity so they can be even stronger!

Changes to Limit Breaking

Using 5* copies of same character to increase the maximum level of a character, also know as “Limit Break” will now be changed to “Over Boost” from this update

“Over Boost” allows you to, regardless of rarity, Strengthen or Awaken a unit using duplicates as a material, the “Over Boost Gauge” will fill up and when a the gauge is full the unit will receive lvl1 Over Boost


Limit broken units from prior to 1.3.0 will be carried over to the Over Boost system”


Changes to the Awakening Method

The method of awakening character cards using Awakening Materials (pens) will be changed. Units will be able to be awakened using character cards of the same rarity. If the rarity is the same and the base card is Max Lvl the cards can be used to awaken. The amount of cards required will depend on rarity but jump gold is still required.


After the ver 1.3.0 update, evolution material cannot be used to please use it as soon as possible!

Power Up Gacha

A “Power Up” gacha will be held to help players enhance and evolve units, an event will be held where players will receive tickets which they can redeem in the gacha!

Maintenance will be announced soon, these details will be reposted in game when maintenance date is set.

*Contents of ver 1.3.0 update are subject to change as it is being developed.

4 thoughts on “Version 1.3.0

  1. Oh man! I have tons of pens from the events and I never get to use them all because I need as many rainbow pens and I can’t get enough..

    Any advice?

    I already know that I will have wasted so much time farming those that is not even funny!

    1. I mean I am good with the whole thing and I like most of the changes, but to me getting rid of the pens altogether is not smart at all.. What am I going to do with it?

      1. I don’t think things will be too bad after the update, don’t panic if you can’t use all your pens, just use the rainbow ones from the store and try and awaken as many units as you can

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