Season 3 Vs. Battle Event


A new season of Vs. Battle has been announced!

The season will run from:

04:00 12/10/2017 – 03:59 24/10/2017

An event is being held in the Battle Arena!
Two characters will be available as this seasons Arena Point (AP) rewards. Two characters that were planned to appear in a future gacha!

Due to changes to the Awakening method coming soon, these unit will drop at 5* rarity!
Receive Ryūji Takane at 3500 pts & 15000 pts

Recieve Yunohana Yuuna at 7000 pts & 25000 pts

Also, this season earn plenty of Jump Gold and Skill Up Scrolls from the Points Rewards!

Point Reward Unit 1


Yunohana Yuuna

from Yuragisou no Yuuna-san

This unit is a great defensive addition to your deck! A great way to deal with Heart attribute units, prevent the opponent’s onslaught until your teams powerful skills are ready!

Type: Physical

Class: Tank

Era: 2010’s

Leader Skill: Boosts the Defence of Physical units by an Extreme amount

Ultimate Attack: Porta-Gheist

Inflict 140% of this unit’s Attack in damage to all enemies 3 times (Cooldown: 50)

Skill 1: Possesion

Enemy attacks that target allies will target this unit instead for 4 turns and Increase this units Defence by an Extreme amount for 4 turns (Cooldown: 20)

Skill 2: The Tragedy of Yuuna

Reduce the Attack of the entire enemy main team by a Large amount for 4 turns and allow all main team allies to nullify an incoming attack once (Cooldown: 30)

Skill 3: A Splendid Bedtime

Heall all main team allies by a medium amount and auto heal this unit for 300 HP per turn for 6 turns (Cooldown: 35)

Skills shown above are at Skill lvl 10


  • When this unit’s HP is above 70%, boost their Defence against Technique enemies by an Large amount
  • Boost the chance of Critical Hits for Physical units by a Medium amount
  • When this unit’s HP is above 60%, boost their Defence by an Extreme amount

Stats (lvl 50)

  • HP: 5948
  • Attack: 674
  • Defence: 750
  • Speed: 24

Stats (lvl 52)

  • HP: 6551
  • Attack: 755
  • Defence: 840
  • Speed: 24


  • Bizarre
  • Heroine
  • Natural Airhead
  • Flight

Point Reward Unit 2


Ryūji Takane

from Ring ni Kakero

Use Ryūji’s technique Winning the Rainbow to stop enemy Ultimate Attacks in their tracks! Preventing your opponent from getting the upperhand and letting your allies get a chance to use their attacks first!

Type: Strength

Class: DPS

Era: 1960’s~1970’s

Leader Skill: Boost the Attack of Strength and Physical units by a Large amount

Ultimate Attack: Winning the Rainbow

Inflict 450% of this unit’s Attack in damage to the target enemy and reduce skill cool downs by 15% (Cooldown: 28)

Skill 1: Boomerang Hook

Inflict 100% of this unit’s Attack in damage to the target enemy and there is a chance to seal their Ultimate Attack, If the enemy is Intelligence type, the seal is guaranteed for 2 turns (Cooldown: 35)

Skill 2: Boomerang Square

Inflict 140% of this unit’s Attack in damage to the target enemy an there is a chance to stun for 2 turns (Cooldown: 50)

Skill 3: Boomerang Telios

Inflict 150% of this unit’s Attack in damage to the target enemy, this attack ignores enemy defence (Cooldown: 30)

Skills shown above are at Skill lvl 10


  • Increase damage for characters with the Hand to Hand Combat Characteristic
  • 25% chance to counter any normal attack
  • Prevent this unit from fainting (only once)

Stats (lvl 50)

  • HP: 4086
  • Attack: 1060
  • Defence: 434
  • Speed: 30

Stats (lvl 52)

  • HP: 4576
  • Attack: 1188
  • Defence: 487
  • Speed: 30


  • Athlete
  • Hard Worker
  • Hot Blooded
  • Protagonist

New Scene Gacha


A new scene Gacha will run from:

12:00 12/10/2017 ~ 11:59 24/10/2017

This gacha will include scenes from new series: Yuragisou no Yuuna-san & Ring ni Kakero

  • Ring ni Kakero Scenes: 6
  • Yuragisou no Yuuna-san Scenes: 7
  • New Total Scenes: 518
  • New Max Level : 58

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  1. i’m way pass the req point for those characters and now i can’t get them -_- if a new season start shouldn’t i be back at r rank? but i’m not i’m on b rank

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