The wait for a new event/update seems to be quite long, so in an attempt to get past the boredom, I decided to write this article about the changes between the pre-release of the game and now. There were a surprising amount of changes that made it into multiple early builds of the game and into advertisements but not quite to the final game. Please remember that a lot of the pre-release screenshots are quite low res, not much I can do about that, sorry.

Different Card Design

This one is pretty obvious, cards used to have a different design. To be honest I really do like both card designs however the old design didn’t even have the character’s name on it, so maybe the change was for the best. The prismatic background on the old cards may have been the precursor for the design of the Jump Awakened cards.

GUI Changes

This one is pretty obvious if you watched any of the early live streams or videos of the game, prior to it’s release. The GUI changed multiple times and had one last huge overhaul weeks before the final release.

008 (1)
the old team setup screen

There have been so many changes to the GUI since this screen-cap that it will take a while to go through them all, the only notable things here are:

  • The character type and image changes (which we will go over in a minute because there are lots of them)
  • Yusuke’s 4* leader skill Boosts the Attack of Strength units by a Small amount, however, in the final build it is a Large boost
  • Lots of the GUI elements serve the same purpose but look completely different, but there is a very notable absence…
  • Memorial Stones (the blue gems you do scene summons with) are nowhere to be seen. The level up system looks to be the same, or at least similar, but where are the stones?
  • There are no “Support” slots, only main team and leader
  • The 2* scene in this screenshot is 5* in the final game
  • The 5* scene in this screenshot is 1* in the final game
  • Yusuke’s Speed is 114???!?
  • Weird blue slot, maybe some kind of item slot?
  • 4* character portraits are a much shinier gold
the old main menu
  • 1 notable character art change (which again we will go over in a minute because there are lots of them)
  • “My Jump Issue” layout is different, now support units appear in small circles, Taikobo is the only one close to the current setup
  • Lot’s of GUI changes but nothing major
the old battle UI

This one was close to the final build, all they really did was swap the top and bottom of the Battle UI for the final release

the old summon animation

Completely different summon animation and card design. A pack opened in front of you and the cards stacked like this, you would then just flick through the cards you just summoned.

the old rewards screen

Not a lot has changed here since the pre-release but the place holder reward item is something that interested me at the time, if it was added now, I wonder what it would do?

The Level Cap

how to get 100+ stamina

In more than one screenshot, you can see that the planned level cap for the start of the game was much higher,  2 different images from pre-release show the level cap to be over level 70. In both instances this seems to give the user over 100 stamina to work with. Does this mean that we will need to get to level 70+ to get 100 stamina? Probably not, this was just a test account to show off the game.

Character Release Changes

The only two notable changes here are Ai Amano and Nana Astar Deviluke, who both seem to have been planned for release at the start of the game but were instead added during Maze of Memories and Vs. Battle Season 2 respectively.

Type Changes

Some of these changes, in my opinion, show an interesting shift. If you are in the Shonen Jump Ore Collection Discord, then you may have seen us talk about this before.

Some character changes, arguably, made perfect sense i.e Ai Amano is Heart type in the pre-release of the game. This makes sense because her tag lines are “Video Girl with a Heart” and “Video Girl who Found Love”, but it is true that you could argue her name “Ai” stands for Artificial Intelligence so it makes absolute sense that she would be Intelligence type.

But some character changes from pre-release to the final game made very little sense, and it felt like they were shifting from favouring the type that suited the character to favouring the colour that suited the character. Anyway I’ll list all the ones I found and you can make your own mind up on what you think about these changes:

Kenta Hirono – WingMan : Strength —> Heart
Kurama – YuYu HakushoTechnique —> Intelligence
Himura KenshinRurouni Kenshin : Heart —> Agile
Ai Amano Video Girl Ai : Heart —> Intelligence
TaikoboHoushin Engi : Intelligence —> Heart
Hinomaru Ushio – Hinomaru Zumo : Physical —> Heart
Lala Satalin Deviluke – To Love Ru : Heart —> Technique
Monkey D. Luffy – One Piece : Strength —> Physical
Asta – Black Clover : Physical —> Strength
Mankichi Togawa – Otoko Ippiki Gaki-Daisho : Physical —> Heart
Kyosuke ShikijoHentai Kamen : Heart —> Physical

Art Changes

As you may have seen in the screenshots further up the page, certain characters had completely different art to their final release.

  • Nana Astar Deviluke
  • Kurama
  • Monkey D. Luffy
  • Kuga Yuuma
  • Izuku Midoriya (twice)
  • Hinata Shoyo
  • Ichigo Kurosaki

The one that stands out to me most here is Monkey D. Luffy. Not only did he have different art and a different type but the artwork from pre-release is his Gear 2 form which is way later in the series than the current “One Piece” characters. Some have speculated that, much like [Super Saiyan] Son Goku, this Luffy may end up being a Version 2 of the character, as an Exclusive Gacha Jump unit.

I also wonder about Ichigo, we can’t see the whole art from the scan but he looks completely different to his current art. So he too may be a planned Version 2.

It’s also interesting to note that the Gear 2 artwork made it into the final game, in the tutorial opening cinematic and one of Midoriya’s alternate artworks also made it all the way to the Pre-Registration beginner gacha.

Unreleased Characters



You all probably already know this one, Sakuragi has been teased multiple times and has been confirmed to be coming to the game, but is yet to be released. He is also confirmed to be a Strength Jump unit in this screenshot, it would have been nice if they bought him out during the lull between “Awaken! The Legendary Super Saiyan” and the version 1.3.0 update.

Jotaro Kujo

ifpbxmxvwkgz (1)

This early screenshot which shows different art for Luffy, Midoriya, Kuga, Kenshin, Ichigo and Hinata, also shows Jotaro Kujo. When talking to people from the community, this seems like one of the most anticipated additions to the game, it would have been awesome to see him at release but hopefully he will be added soon.

Les héros du Weekly Shonen Jump débarquent dans un jeu de cartes.jpg

Speculation: It’s very difficult to see but if you look closely on the right, there is a small smart phone with the game on it, obviously this image is so small that I can’t say much for sure but it does appear that there is a little bit of info there:

  • Urameshi Yusuke : Strength
  • Izuku Midoriya : Technique
  • Lala Satalin Deviluke : Agile
  • Jotaro Kujo: Agile



Now I know this tiny little screenshot is not a lot to go off of but it’s all we have to work with. This is close to a final build of the game, the menus are all almost exactly what we have now, except with a change to the missions button and the main screen “My Jump Issue” fits the current format. If you look closely at the summon banner being advertised at the top of the page, you can see; the alternate Kurama artwork (back when he was a Technique unit), Nana Astar Deviluke, Goku, either Hinata or Ichigo and finally Piccolo.

I can kinda see why he wasn’t added straight away to be honest because that is Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z and the Goku in the game at the time was still Kid Goku.

This is pretty annoying though, when we found out about the Legendary Super Saiyan gacha, we said there was a very high chance that Piccolo would be included, but sadly this wan’t the case.

Anything Else?

There is no guarantee that I found everything there is to find. If you found something interesting from pre-release then let me know!

While a lot of these changes are interesting, some of them are very annoying. I would love to have Piccolo and Jotaro in the game but it seems like they aren’t planned to come anytime soon. Hopefully the 1.3.0 update brings some big changes with it to liven things up a little.

Let me know what your thoughts are on some of these changes and what are some things that changed that you want changed back?

Personally I would love it if Asta was made back into Asta

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