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Hey everyone!

This section is really just where I am going to write my thoughts on things and if people want to comment and have their say then they can do that too.

This is the first post in this section because I felt like this was the first big thing that was deserving of a discussion.

As far as we know at this point, the only real info we have on 1.3.0 is:

  • New Stronger Character cards being added
  • A New rarity [Victory] added
  • 3* and 4* units can now Limit Break
  • Evolve units using surplus character cards
  • A Power Up Gacha will come with the update

I’m going to go through each point and talk about them a little because some of them are potentially very interesting.

Stronger character cards being added

We already have a little info on this which I will be covering in more depth for the second post in this section. But yeah based on the info we have, it seems like a large amount of characters are planned to be released very soon and I’m super excited so see some of my favourite series in there.

I think with the arrival of this update we will see new ways to get characters which in turn will facilitate lots more characters coming out in a shorter period of time. I am hoping to see:


This would be a great way to introduce Villain cards to the game, the same way Smash Tap did it, but any kind of raid would be awesome. There are some fights that would be so cool to see in raid form like; Tsuna vs Xanxus, Goku vs Vegeta, Naruto vs Sasuke etc.

Story mode drops

I know we already get some characters from story mode but what I mean is farmable units, units you can get multiple copies of from farming story. This would be a really good way to add characters who don’t necessarily deserve their own gacha/raid unit eg. Coby, Kon, Konohamaru etc.


I think we will still get plenty of characters here too, as we have before, my hope is that we wont be restricted only to this content, as we have been for the last few months. I’m hoping for a new “event” every 2-3 weeks, a new gacha to go with it and new characters in Vs. battle every 2 weeks along with reprints of old characters.


I mentioned it a bit in my first point but it needs to be said, characters like Dio, Xanxus, Frieza, Ulquiorra, Akainu, Madara etc. need to be added to the game in some capacity. I think adding villains as raids is the best option but having them in the gacha is fine too. This is one addition that I think will come with this update but that might just be wishful thinking.

Seasonal/theme units

All the gacha games typically add in seasonal units at one point or another, whether it’s Summer characters in swimsuits, Halloween characters in costume or any other holiday you can think of. But with this game it makes so much sense. There are so many examples of seasonal Weekly Shonen Jump covers that would be a great source for character designs and not just seasonal covers, jump also occasionally has “theme” covers too which would be a fantastic source for additions to the game.

[Victory] Rarity

My initial reaction to this when they said that every unit could achieve it, was that it would be something like Ultimate Max on Naruto Blazing or Rainbow border on OPTC, just something along the line of MAXing a character. However, I am personally hoping that this will not be the case. I would much rather see a cool new rarity added to characters, maybe some of them get new artworks too. Realistically I think all this update will do is add a big [V] to the characters card/portrait, which will result in a stat boost and maybe some skill/passive changes


I really don’t think there will be much discernible difference between Limit Break and Overboost. The only difference will be that we can feed dupes at a lower rarity and maybe they will change the cap for limit breaks.

New Evolution System

I don’t think this will be as big a deal as people make out. With the addition of farmable units the grind will be somewhat similar to the way it was with pens, with the upside of being able to farm any character and not being restricted to specific pen colours.

The Power Up Gacha

I’m torn on this one. it can go one of two ways;

  1. A ticket gacha where tickets will replaces pens on missions/drops + login tickets etc
  2. An actual gacha that requires Jump Orbs

I am hoping for the former, as I am sure many people are. I do hope that we get a new orbs gacha with the update but a ticket gacha to go with it would be amazing.

Improvements that could be made

These are just some improvements I would love to see, some are more practical than others but that doesn’t make them any less useful in my eyes;

Make certain items in the point shops infinite

It’s so infuriating when you are trying to level up / awaken / skill up characters and you run out of what you need in the shop and have to go back to farming scroll or whatever. Can’t at least a few items have no limit? Maybe the cheap rainbow dumbbells have a limit but the full price ones are unlimited?

Rework Reprint Events & Add new characters to go with reprints

I feel like this is something that is planned / in the works, when the Hunter x Hunter event came back, I was really hoping for at least a few changes. Instead what we got was an event which is;

  • More difficult that the Dragon Ball event
  • Costs more stamina than the Dragon Ball event
  • Gives less memorial stones / gold than the Dragon Ball Event
  • Has far worse drops than the Dragon Ball event
  • Has a worse shop than the Dragon Ball event
  • and players who were challenging this event for the first time got NO MISSIONS!

I know that we can’t necessarily expect all events to be as good as the Dragon Ball one but I really didn’t want to farm Kthe HxH event because of all those reasons and I ended up stopping after I got the extra Zenos from the store and awakened them.


To spice things up, add new missions, maybe make some of them super challenging with cool rewards like;

  • Clear the stage 100 times
  • Kill Chrollo in the first turn
  • Beat the stage with a Heart team
  • Beat the stage without using any Jump units
  • Beat the stage without using any Skills

The most important thing though, is to not punish players who are new to the event by giving them no missions at all, that’s not cool in my opinion.

A New Jump unit

It would also be cool to see new uses for old medals, maybe those medals we used for Jump Kurapika can be used on a new unit. Maybe Kurapika’s banner could feature this new unit, giving you a reason to pull if you already have Kurapika eg. add Killua to the banner and make him Jump Awaken with medals from the same event.

A New Free unit

Another cool addition would be if Zeno wasn’t the only free unit from this event anymore and we could also get Silva Zoldyck or some other free unit. Just give me a reason to farm this event other than the point shop.

Rework Lifetime Missions

The current lifetime missions are abysmal.

Once you complete the easy ones like login X amount of times or Limit Break X amount of times, all that’s left is one mission which is a Login goal for a large amount of days, with very poor rewards.

Some missions I would like to see added / changed;

  • Make cumulative login missions closer together and more rewarding
  • Add missions for total stamina consumed
  • Add missions for total enemies defeated
  • Add missions for total Stages Cleared
  • Add missions for total damage dealt
  • Add missions for total amount healed
  • Add missions for amount of Scenes collected
  • Add missions for amount of characters collected
  • Add missions for amount of scene summons performed
  • Add missions for Overboost

Add more characters

This seems obvious but with the amount of different characters they have to work with and with the potential for any given character to get multiple versions (like Goku did), we need to see more characters added, I don’t care if crappy side characters from certain manga don’t get great units, just add them anyway, give me things to farm when I’m done with the featured event.

Make expanding your character box cheaper

handling box space hasn’t been too tricky so far, but with the addition of a bunch of new units in the next update, I have to ask; why is expanding your box so expensive? It’s double the price of what other games are charging and really I don’t see a reason why.

More story and tower

No updates have been made to either mode since launch day, now more than ever we need more content like this. It would also be fantastic to see farmable units from these modes.

Scene gacha improvements

  • Add in multi summon for the scene gacha
  • Add in a large amount of scenes to give veteran players something to work towards
  • Add in the ability to level up scenes
  • Add more uses for Era medals

Anything else?

Let me know what your thoughts are on version 1.3.0 and what changes you would like to see. Is there anything missing that you thing is a must? is there anything you think is broken that needs to be fixed? post in the comments if there is anything you have to add to the discussion and I’ll see you in the next post!

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