Version 1.3.0 News Megathread


Version 1.3.0 campaign

To celebrate the release of the version 1.3.0 update, we will hold a countdown campaign. Players will receive a gift every day. A gift that can be received is 200,000 gold. In addition, on the day of the update, users will receive 25 jump orbs.


After maintenance on October 31st, all evolution items will be unusable and will be deleted from your inventory

As compensation, you will receive points that can be used in the version upgrade exchange. This exchange will include power-up gacha tickets and Overboost items.

  • Power Up Gacha ticket 50pt
  • Character gacha ticket 10000pt
  • Boost Drink +50 15000pt

The Power Up Gacha will include items such as, reinforced dumbbells and character cards which will be necessary for evolution

Character gacha tickets can be used on the character gacha once

Boost drink fills the Overboost gauge of a character.

This exchange will be available until January 31st 2018

Point compensation:

  • Small Pen (any Attribute) 50pt
  • Medium Pen (any Attribute) 100pt
  • Large Pen (any Attribute) 250pt
  • Event evolver material 250pt


Maintenance will be carried out at the following times:

31/10 12:00 – 18:00 JST

Update Contents

  • Victory Rarity
  • Overboost
  • Powerup Gacha
  • Version upgrade exchange
  • New Beginner Missions, can be challenged by anyone
  • Add a setting that can auto skill / ultimate attack during battle
  • Supports move to main team immediately after main team death now
  • Rework certain skill definitions
  • Quest clear times will be displayed
  • Menu design changes
  • Changes to the performance of the scene maker
  • Adjust the balance of jump quest (story)
  • Other fixes

The info we had from before

Addition of new Rarity “Victory”

It will be possible to awaken the character cards that could only be awakened to 5* rarity to a new rarity beyond called “Victory”

Jump units can also be awakened to “Victory” rarity so they can be even stronger!

Changes to Limit Breaking

Using 5* copies of same character to increase the maximum level of a character, also know as “Limit Break” will now be changed to “Over Boost” from this update

“Over Boost” allows you to, regardless of rarity, Strengthen or Awaken a unit using duplicates as a material, the “Over Boost Gauge” will fill up and when a the gauge is full the unit will receive lvl1 Over Boost

Limit broken units from prior to 1.3.0 will be carried over to the Over Boost system”

Changes to the Awakening Method

The method of awakening character cards using Awakening Materials (pens) will be changed. Units will be able to be awakened using character cards of the same rarity. If the rarity is the same and the base card is Max Lvl the cards can be used to awaken. The amount of cards required will depend on rarity but jump gold is still required.

After the ver 1.3.0 update, evolution material cannot be used to awaken, so please use it as soon as possible!

Power Up Gacha

A “Power Up” gacha will be held to help players enhance and evolve units, an event will be held where players will receive tickets which they can redeem in the gacha!

*Contents of ver 1.3.0 update are subject to change as it is being developed.



Version 1.3.0 is right around the corner and so here is a little more info on the Overboost system which will be coming in this update.


Limit Break was only possible with cards that were 5* rarity. A 5* duplicate of a card would give you 1 Limit Break level, up to a maximum of 5. Overboost will be possible even if the cards are not the same rarity or the same character.

Different cards will boost the Overboost bar by different amounts, once the bar reaches 100% the character will gain 1 Overboost level. Do this 6 times to max a character’s Overboost level.

When comparing a level 60 Limit Break character to the same character with level 6 Ovreboost, the Overboosted character has much higher stats.


Characters that you could not get to level 60 because you did not have the necessary duplicates, will now be able to be max Overboosted. In addition, while the stats of Overboosted characters will be much higher, characters levels will be set back to 50.

Characters who have been Limit Broken will be transferred over to the Overboost system, the character’s progression in the Overboost system will be determined by the amount of Limit Breaks that have taken place on the character.

The Overboost gauge rises by strengthening character cards with the same name and/or the same attribute, this also works for awakening. Not only can character cards be used but also a new item called Boost Drink which will raise the Overboost gauge.


The Beginner Campaign has been extended!


“The Beginner Orb Set sold in this Beginner Campaign was our best seller! Due to it’s popularity we will extend the sale period!”

You can purchase 15 jump orbs for the Price of 5!

You can purchase this pack once a day during this campaign so please make good use of it!

16:00 11/10/2017 – 3:59 25/10/2017 JST

16:00 11/10/2017 – 3:59 30/11/2017 JST

Please note, the pack will be available again for purchase each day at 4:00 JST

New Units


Introducing new units that are planned for the future!

Slam Dunk

Sakuragi Hanamichi


Akagi Takenori


Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Sawada Tsunayoshi


Gokudera Hayato


Assassination Classroom



Nagisa Shiota


Sakigake!! Otokojuku

Momotaro Tsurugi


Besides the above, we will have works appearing one after another! Please await future announcements!

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