Version 1.3.0


Here we will detail all the info we have about the Version 1.3.0 Update!



After maintenance on October 31st, all evolution items will be unusable and will be deleted from your inventory

As compensation, you will receive points that can be used in the version upgrade exchange. This exchange will include power-up gacha tickets and Overboost items.

  • Power Up Gacha ticket 50pt
  • Character gacha ticket 10000pt
  • Boost Drink +50 15000pt

The Power Up Gacha will include items such as, reinforced dumbbells and character cards which will be necessary for evolution

Character gacha tickets can be used on the character gacha once

Boost drink fills the Overboost gauge of a character.

This exchange will be available until January 31st 2018

Point compensation:

  • Small Pen (any Attribute) 50pt
  • Medium Pen (any Attribute) 100pt
  • Large Pen (any Attribute) 250pt
  • Event evolver material 250pt


1.3.0 release Commemoration campaign

With the release of 1.3.0 a release commemoration campaign will be held, 100 Commemoration points will be given once per day to exchange for items in the exchange:

  • Power Up Gacha Ticket – 10pts
  • Character Gacha Ticket – 100pts
  • Boost Drink +50 – 150pts

*This is not the same as the compensation points exchange*


Jump Orb Sale

To celebrate the update a Jump orb Sale will be held. The 750 orb set for a limited time will have 850 orbs. You can purchase once a day for a limited time: 31/10 – 15/11

Evolution System Changes

Evolving units now requires fodder of the same rarity:

  • Awakening from 2* to 3* – Requires two 2* units as fodder
  • Awakening from 3* to 4* – Requires three 3* units as fodder
  • Awakening from 4* to 5* – Requires four 4* units as fodder
  • Awakening from 5* to Victory – Requires five 5* units as fodder

Everyone now gets a new rarity called Victory. Victory is essentially this games version of 6* units. The max level for Victory units is 60. Victory units have boosted stats but require a very large amount of exp to reach max level so lots of dumbbells will be required.

Some units use Evolution Materials instead of using units as evolution fodder. One example of this is Gokudera who requires dynamite instead.


Limit Break has now been replaced by Overboost. Overboost is essentially the same as Limit Breaking, however now you can use Overboost on any rarity of character. There are 6 overboost gauges, each one contains 100 points. Using identical duplicates of the character you are overboosting or Overboost Drinks, you can increase the overboost level of a unit. You can overboost any character at any rarity at any level.

Overboost inheritance

5* units will be migrated over to the new system! Limit break can have an effect on this.

  • 5 Star unit, no limit break: lvl 1 Overboost
  • 5 Star unit, lvl 1 limit break: lvl 2 Overboost
  • 5 Star unit, lvl 2 limit break: lvl 3 Overboost
  • 5 Star unit, lvl 3 limit break: lvl 4 Overboost
  • 5 Star unit, lvl 4 limit break: lvl 5 Overboost
  • 5 Star unit, lvl 5 limit break: lvl 6 Overboost

Overboost When Summoning

When you summon a unit they will come with a certain amount of Overboost already on their card!

  • 2 star characters have 10% of the Overboost gauge,
  • 3 star characters have 30% of the Overboost gauge
  • 4 star characters have 60% of the Overboost gauge
  • 5 star characters have 100% of the Overboost gauge aka lvl1 overboost

Characters don’t gain overboost when you evolve them so pulling a 5* is way better than a 3*. This makes multi-summons a little bit more interesting than before as they guarantee you at least one 4* unit.

You gain Overboost from Boost Soda or by using other cards who have some Overboost.

The cards need to be the same color and will give you 10% of their total Overboost gauge. If you feed a copy who is the same unit, you will gain 100% of their total Overboost gauge. It should be noted this applies to characters with the Same Name, so Son Goku and Son Goku can give each other 100% of their Overboost Gauge.

You can evolve units or use them as power up materials to transfer Overboost, so the best way is to use them for Victory evolution. The optimal way is when you Victory evolve a card, you use 5* versions of cards with Overboost on them in order to transfer Overboost and evolve the unit at the same time.

Power Up Gacha

Power up items such as fodder or weights can now be acquired from a power-up gacha. You can get tickets to pull from this Gacha by completing missions, clearing events, from points exchanges and as rewards for certain stages.

This gacha has only 2* and 3* units.

Use these units as fodder for evolving your premium units. If you pull a “fodder” unit, these unit can only be awakened up to 4* rarity and are therefore not usable for Victory evolution. However you can also pull all the version 1 Beginner units from this gacha. These units can be pulled at 2* or 3* rarity. The non fodder units in this gacha include;

  • Son Goku
  • Izuku Midoriya
  • Monkey D. Luffy
  • Gin
  • Hinata Shoyo
  • Taikobo
  • Gon Freecs
  • Pegasus Seiya
  • Kenshiro
  • Ichigo Kurosaki
  • Kenshin Himura
  • Kuga Yuuma
  • Uzumaki Naruto
  • Asta
  • Sakata Gintoki
  • Jonathan Joestar
  • Urameshi Yusuke

These units can be awakened to 5* rarity and even to Victory Rarity so if you need units for Victory awakening (because you can’t use fodder units) then awakening these units to 5* and using them is an option.

Beginner Quests

Tutorial Missions have been replaced by Beginner Quests – anybody can attempt these and they will provide lots of rewards! Clear the missions on each page to unlock the next page! The challenge will get progressively harder but the rewards improve too!

Page 1 Clear Reward – 5 Character Gacha Tickets

  1. Clear Chapter 1 Stage 4 of Jump Story mode – 400 Memorial Stones
  2. Use any skill once – 50k Gold
  3. Use any Ultimate Attack once – 400 Memorial Stones
  4. Summon for Scene Cards 9 Times – Power Up gacha ticket x10
  5. Summon on the Power Up Gacha 10 Times – 50k Gold
  6. Strengthen a character twice – Power Up gacha ticket x10
  7. Clear 35 quests – 600 Memorial Stones

Page 2 Clear Reward – 5 Character Gacha Tickets

  1. Summon for Scene Cards 15 Times – 100k Gold
  2. Clear Chapter 2 Stage 6 of Jump Story mode Son Goku x1
  3. Evolve a Character – Power Up gacha ticket x10
  4. Summon on the Power Up Gacha 20 TimesSon Goku x1
  5. Raise the Overboost Gauge of a character* – 500 Memorial Stones
  6. Summon for Scene Cards 20 Times – 100k Gold
  7. Clear Chapter 2 Stage 11 of Jump Story mode – Power Up gacha ticket x10
*Unit must be fed as strengthening material, Boost Soda and awakening don’t count

Page 3 Clear Reward – 5 Character Gacha Tickets

  1. Login for a total of 2 days – 20 Stamina Bottle x1
  2. Evolve 2 character cards – 500 Memorial Stones
  3. Change Vs. Battle deck – 100k Gold
  4. Win twice in Vs. Battle – 500 Memorial Stones
  5. Summon for Scene Cards 30 Times – Power Up gacha ticket x10
  6. Add 10 people to your follower list – 100k Gold
  7. Clear Chapter 3 Stage 6 of Jump Story mode – Power Up gacha ticket x10

Page 4 Clear Reward – 5 Character Gacha Tickets

  1. Change your Deck Leader* – Power Up gacha ticket x10
  2. Summon on the Power Up Gacha 40 Times – 500 Memorial Stones
  3. Evolve 3 character cards – 500 Memorial Stones
  4. Summon for Scene Cards 40 Times – 100K Gold
  5. Add 20 people to your follower list – 100k Gold
  6. Clear Chapter 4 Stage 2 of Jump Story mode – Power Up gacha ticket x10
  7. Raise a character’s skill level once – 100k Gold
*Standard deck for events and story not Vs. battle deck, back out and back in after switching leaders

Page 5 Clear Reward – 10 Character Gacha Tickets

  1. Login for a total of 3 days – 20 Stamina Bottle x1
  2. Evolve 4 character cards – 500 Memorial Stones
  3. Equip a 4* scene* – 500 Memorial Stones
  4. Summon for Scene Cards 50 Times – 100K Gold
  5. Clear Chapter 4 Stage 10 of Jump Story mode – Power Up gacha ticket x10
  6. Add 30 people to your follower list – 100k Gold
  7. Reach level 12 – Power Up gacha ticket x10
*in the standard deck management screen, back out and back in after equipping it

Skill Changes

Certain Skills and Passives have been changed. Wording of certain abilities have been changed to make it clearer what they do. Ultimate Cooldowns charge faster now

Mechanic Changes

  • Added some characters to power up gacha (including version one f2p units)
  • Auto-mode for skills/ultimates
  • When someone on your team dies they are instantly replaced by a support/friend captain
  • There is no longer a buffer between skills and abilities. You can activate skills back to back immediately now.
  • Agility affects ultimate cooldown now
  • Passives of the same criteria/type stack now
  • You can claim gold when you retire/forfeit a stage now
  • You can now see the quest clear time
  • Changes made to using orbs to revive
  • Battle Arena stamina points recovery display has changed to show hours, minutes and seconds now
  • Increased the speed at which you can buy items from points shop
  • Changed Display of Scene Gacha pulls
  • Revamped quest menu/ quest completion
  • Changed/balanced cooldowns of some units
  • There will be a mini countdown to indicate when your abilities are going to activate when they are queued up

I will also update the database when we get info on new units:
Ore Collection Database
(Alpha)Mobile Version

2 thoughts on “Version 1.3.0

  1. Hi Scarfacedking, I know this sounds like a silly question, but could you help explain how to use the power up gacha tickets? I obtained 200 of them already but I honestly could not find where to put them to use. Is it in the Card/強化 menu?

    1. Sorry for the late response, for some reason I didn’t get a notification…
      At the bottom of the summoning menu where you would see all the normal gacha there is a gacha specifically for the Power Up Tickets

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