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Hey guys,

Just I recently dropped a few updates to the database, but before I get into that I’d like to ask people for a bit of help.

There are certain things I want to add to the site but I don’t have the info I need to fill it up. In particular I’m looking for:

  • Victory Stats
  • Level 10 Skills

and eventually;

  • Full screen Victory Cards
  • Victory Portraits from the character log
  • Overboost Stats

For Victory Stats
A screenshot from within the character log (not the character box) which shows the stats at lvl 60

For Lvl 10 Skills
A screenshot of the text written in the Skill description at level 10. Preferably, for the sake of speeding things up, if you could write down which skill number for the character it is.

How do we know which ones you already have
For victory stats I have made a page where you can view which characters we have the lvl 60 stats for. I am working on something similar for lvl 10 skills too and I will post that here when it’s done.

Victory Page
Note: Character pages have been disabled on this particular page so that it can easily be used on mobile and desktop.

Screenshots can be posted in the reddit thread or message me through the contact page.

New Database Update

Ore Collection Database Build 0.5

Since the last proper update the following changes have been made:

  • Made adjustments to the GUI on both platforms
  • Added search functionality
  • Added character titles
  • Added “How to get this character” to the character pages
  • Added “Is this unit F2P?” to the character pages
  • Added the ability to view lvl60 stats for some characters
  • Other Bug Fixes

Planned Future Additions

  • Improve flexibility of Desktop version
  • Sort/filter Functionality
  • Changes/improvements to the search functionality
  • Designated pages for each type, class, era, series and characteristics
  • Skill Names
  • Victory Quotes
  • Some way to find leaders that do specific things
  • Some way to find skills that fulfill specific purposes
  • A way to find subs for your leader
  • Victory Artworks
  • Overboost

This is all very much still a work in progress but I feel like we are moving in a good direction. Any suggestions can be posted in the reddit thread or message me through the contact page. Also let me know if you find any errors/ bugs.

Desktop Version
Mobile Version

*Something I had to point out to someone that I thought was pretty obvious – you can click on character names or pictures to go to their respective character page that has more info on them

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