“Duelist Kingdom” Yu-gi-oh Event Reprint

Duelist Kingdom Event Banner

Yugi Moto will be returning to Ore Collection!

Fight against powerful duelists Kurama, Ryotsu Kankichi and Joey Wheeler and earn great rewards!

If you were unable to pull Yugi last time, you will get a second shot and even if you don’t get your hands on him this time, there will still be plenty of great rewards to farm from this returning event!

This event will run during the period: 11/22 12:00 ~ 12/7 11:59

Duelist Kingdom gacha


This is your chance to get a copy of Yugi Moto! He is exclusive to this banner so if you want him in your deck then act now!

Banner Exclusive:  The Strongest Duelist – Yugi Moto

The gacha will feature all the normal “standard” gacha units but will include a boosted chance of pulling the 5* units :

  • The Strongest Duelist – Yugi Moto
  • Hero of the Universe – Lucky Man
  • Lying Sniper – Usopp

Full details on this gacha and the units involved can be found here

This gacha will run during the period: 11/22 12:00 ~ 12/7 11:59

Duelist Kingdom Scene gacha


A scene gacha will be held alongside this event, featuring scenes from Yu-gi-oh.

Scenes from Yu-gi-oh will be boosted considerably!

This scene gacha will run during the period: 11/22 12:00 ~ 12/7 11:59

Duelist Kingom

Event Info 1.png

Strong Duelists from all over the world have gathered to battle here in Weekly Shonen Jump: Ore Collection!

This event has 3 Stages that can be challenged on 3 difficulties:

Beginner – Intermediate – Expert

As with all the events this game has held so far; the harder the stage is, the better the drops are. So for this event, the optimal stage for general farming is Stage 3 on Expert.

The medals for Jump Awakening Yugi Moto are available from the store and from farming the stages.

Event Info 2

What kind of event is this?

In this event you can earn luxurious rewards by defeating enemies from this series and experiencing the world of Yu-gi-oh. Among the rewards are character gacha tickets and power up gacha tickets.


How to Play

Clearing the event can drop dumbbells and power up gacha tickets but you will also earn “Duel Points” to exchange at the point exchange for valuable prizes.


Event Info


Battle against the 3 bosses of this event but be careful, they each have special abilties and effects under 30% health!

This includes damage negation and an increase in the number of standard attacks!

Joey Wheeler will be the boss of stage 3. Intelligence Allies will be super effective against him but you will want to bring along allies with powerful Ultimate Attacks or allies who boost the damage of Intelligence units

Recommended units

Changes to this event

  • The stamina cost for challenging this event has been altered
  • The way certain cards are aquired have been changed (referring to Joey Wheeler and “Glory of the King’s Hand”)
  • The contents of the Point shop have been altered
  • Stage Clear Rewards, Stage Drops and Mission Rewards have been altered
  • The scene cards that were previously exclusive to this event are now available in the scene gacha

How do I get everything from the event?

In order to get everything from the event you need to clear all the stage rewards, clear all the missions and earn points in order to buy everything from the shop.

Daily Missions

These missions are not event specific and reset daily at 04:00 JST

  • Use 30 Stamina on an event – Power Up gacha ticket x2
  • Use 50 Stamina on an event – Power Up gacha ticket x2
  • Use 70 Stamina on an event – Power Up gacha ticket x2
  • Use 100 Stamina on an event – Power Up gacha ticket x3

One Time Missions

  • Use 200 Stamina on this event – +5 Legend Arena Ticket Refill x2
  • Use 400 Stamina on this event – Power Up gacha ticket x5
  • Use 600 Stamina on this event – 3* Joey Wheeler x1
  • Use 800 Stamina on this event – 3* Glory of the King’s Hand
  • Use 1000 Stamina on this event– Jump Orbs x5
  • Use 1200 Stamina on this event – Power Up gacha ticket x5
  • Use 1400 Stamina on this event – 4* Glory of the King’s Hand
  • Use 1600 Stamina on this event – 5* Glory of the King’s Hand
  • Use 1800 Stamina on this event – Jump Orbs x5
  • Use 2000 Stamina on this event – Power Up gacha ticket x5
  • Use 2200 Stamina on this event – 3* Joey Wheeler x1
  • Use 2400 Stamina on this event – 4* Glory of the King’s Hand
  • Use 2600 Stamina on this event – Jump Orbs x5
  • Use 2800 Stamina on this event – 4* Glory of the King’s Hand
  • Use 3000 Stamina on this event – Jump Orbs x5
  • Clear Stage 3 on Expert 10 times – +5 Legend Arena Ticket Refill x2
  • Clear Stage 3 on Expert 20 times – 4* Glory of the King’s Hand
  • Clear Stage 3 on Expert 30 times – 5* Glory of the King’s Hand
  • Clear all missions above – 50 Jump orbs

Stage Clear Rewards

In order to earn all the Stage Clear rewards you will need to clear every stage once on each difficulty.

  • Stage 1 Beginner – 3 Jump Orbs + 200 Memorial Stones
  • Stage 2 Beginner – 3 Jump Orbs + 300 Memorial Stones
  • Stage 3 Beginner – 3 Jump Orbs + 3* Glory of the King’s Hand
  • Stage 1 Intermediate – 3 Jump Orbs + 300 Memorial Stones
  • Stage 2 Intermediate – 3 Jump Orbs + 3* Glory of the King’s Hand
  • Stage 3 Intermediate – 3 Jump Orbs + 1000 Memorial Stones
  • Stage 1 Expert – 3 Jump Orbs + 3* Joey Wheeler x1
  • Stage 2 Expert – 3 Jump Orbs + 300 Memorial Stones
  • Stage 3 Expert – 3 Jump Orbs + 4* Glory of the King’s Hand

Point Shop Clear

The store has a ton of good stuff in it, buy what you want/need and if needed you can keep farming the event for Power Up Gacha Tickets. This event is a great one to farm though so if you do happen to clear out the store then that wouldn’t be a surprise!

Each day there will be daily store items, these items will only be available for 24 hours then they will switch to the next lot of daily store items;

  • 3* Dumbbells (Assorted) x50 per slot – 50 Points each
  • Power Up gacha Tickets x10 – 250 points each
  • 2* DPS Skill Scrolls x60 – 25 points each
  • 3* DPS Skill Scrolls x20 – 50 points each

Typically there are bonus items in the store on Sundays (JST), Make sure to put some points aside to purchase them

I personally recommend buying all of these each day. As for my recommendations for the shop, this is my personal priority list:

  1. Daily Store Items
  2. 3* Joey Wheeler x3
  3. The Glory of the King’s Hand copies needed to get the other copies of Joey to 5*
  4. Character Gacha ticket
  5. Scrolls
  6. Dumbbells
  7. Power up Gacha Tickets
  8. Medals

This will vary from person to person depending on what you want/need for your account at the time but this is just a general guideline. Purchase Power Up Gacha Tickets, dumbbells and scrolls as and when you need them.

Only buy the medals if you summoned Yugi and don’t have the medals already available.

Joey Wheeler’s Road to Victory!


The free unit in this event, joey Wheeler, can be evolved beyond 5* by collecting 5* copies of the “Glory of the King’s Hand”!

Joey Wheeler will be available during this event as a free unit, he has a passive that will provide your team with much more HP. Make use of this passive to prepare for hard battles by surviving long enough for your allies skills to be ready!

* The glory of the Kings hand is a special evolver item for Joey Wheeler and cannot be used to evolve other units

Free unit


Dueling for his Friends – Joey Wheeler

from Yu-gi-oh

Type: Physical

Class: Support

Era: 1990s

Leader Skill: Boost the Defence of Physical units by an Extreme amount

Ultimate Attack: Black Flame Bullet

Inflicts 710% damage to target. Furthermore, has a chance to burn for 6 turns (Cooldown: 45)

Skill 1: Battle Flame Sword

Inflict 140% damage to target. Furthermore, has a chance to burn for 4 turns (Cooldown: 28)

Skill 2: Kunai with Chain

Boost main team allies Attack by a Medium amount for 4 turns. Also a chance to seal a skill for 2 turns to a random main team enemy (Cooldown: 45)

Skill 3: Pitfall

Inflict 100% damage to the target and reduce targets Attack and Defence by a Medium amount for 4 turns (Cooldown: 39)

All skills shown above are Skill Level 10

Stats (lvl. 50)

  • HP: 3806
  • Attack: 831
  • Defence: 570
  • Speed: 25


  • Boost HP
  • Boost Attack for Physical allies
  • Boost HP by an Extreme amount for all allies (not including this unit)


  • Student
  • Manliness
  • Luck

This units character page

Gacha Exclusive Jump Unit

Yugi Moto

The Strongest Duelist – Yugi Moto

from Yu-gi-oh

Type: Intelligence

Class: DPS

Era: 1990’s

Leader Skill: Boost the Attack of IntelligencePhysical and Heart units by a Large amount

Ultimate Attack: The destruction spell – Death · Altema

Reduce Attack and Defence by a Large amount for the main team enemies for 4 turns. Inflict 400% damage to ALL enemies. (Cooldown: 50)

Skill 1: Horn of the Unicorn

Boost Attack by a Medium amount for all main team allies for 4 turns (Cooldown: 40)

Skill 2: Magical Hats

Reduce Attack for main team enemies by a Medium amount for 4 turns. Also, a chance for all Main team allies to negate damage for 2 turns (For characters with the Fortune Characteristic it is guaranteed) (Cooldown: 55)

Skill 3: Magical Thunder Storm

Inflict 220% damage to target, chance to stun target for 2 turns. (Cooldown: 40)

All skills shown above are Skill Level 10

Stats (lvl. 50)

  • HP: 4308
  • Attack: 1110
  • Defence: 452
  • Speed: 32


  • Boost the chance of Critical Hits
  • Boost Ultimate attack damage for Intelligence allies
  • Block debuffs twice


  • Student
  • Luck
  • Protagonist

Yugi Moto’s Character Page

Jump Awakened


Powerful Duelist from an Ancient World – Yugi Moto

Jump Leader Skill: Boost the Attack of Intelligence unit by and Extreme amount

Jump Ultimate Attack: Exodia! Obliterate!!

Boost damage dealt against DPS class enemies by an Extreme amount for 2 turns, ignore defence and Inflict 500% damage to the target then attack all enemies for 400% damage (Cooldown: 55)

Skill 4 (Jump Only): Swords of Revealing Light

Stun all main team enemies for 1 turn and rollback the skill gauge of all main team DPS class enemies by 30% (Cooldown: 65)

All skills shown above are Skill Level 10

Jump Stats(lvl. 50)

  • HP: 4868
  • Attack: 1243
  • Defence: 502
  • Speed: 35

100% Max Stats (Victory lvl. 60 + 100% Overboost)

  • HP: 9675
  • Attack: 2422
  • Defence: 985
  • Speed: 36

Jump Yugi Moto’s Character Page

How To Obtain this unit

Yugi Moto can only be obtained from the Duelist Kingdom limited gacha.

How To Jump Awaken this unit

Yugi Moto requires awakening medals from the Duelist Kingdom event in order to Jump Awaken.

  • 1990s Era Medals x30
  • Dark Magician Medals x50
  • Summoned Skull Medals x50
  • Kuriboh Medals x50
  • Joey Medals x50


How to obtain the Medals for this Unit

The medals for this unit are obtainable from the Points store. You will also receive some medals from stage clear rewards. However, the main source of medals is from farming the event stages.

Frequently Asked questions about Jump Units

Is Yugi worth summoning for?

If you like Yugi then summon for him. Right now he isn’t really considered to be “Top Tier” but with the ever shifting meta of the game there is definite potential to be found in him, only time will tell how useful he could be later.

Should I use Yugi as leader?

He can be a quality leader for if you plan to run an Intelligence team. His leader skill isn’t that flexible but units like Hisoka and Yamcha do make great subs for him.

What teams can I make for Yugi?

When Jump awakened, Yugi boosts the Attack of Intelligence units by an Extreme amount.

Make sure to build a team that can deal lots of damage without having to rely on his skills as the cooldowns are a little slow.

Should I use Yugi in Vs. Battle?

Right now? Maybe.

He has good passives and really is a decent Intelligence leader, he also works well as a back-row nuker, the only downside is how slow he is to get his Ultimate Attack off.

Which skills should I equip for Yugi?

I would recommend skills 2 & 3. they are a little slow but if you ever get the opportunity to use them, they will be of great use to you. For long battles though, make sure to bring skill 4.

Should I max Overboost and Victory Evolve Yugi?

That is entirely up to you. I would personally use Overboost Soda on other units instead of him, but take things at your own pace. Victory Evolving and Jump awakening him are recommended.

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