“Legend Arena” Grand Opening!


Around the end of November, the Grand Opening of the Legend Arena is planned!

Legend arena is the new and improved version of what you currently know as the Vs. Battle Arena.

What is the “Legend Arena”?

Compete with “Battle Score” earned by playing against other users during a predetermined period. Your “Battle Score” increases when you win against your opponent and decreases when you lose. Your battle score can change even if your team is challenged by someone else (when someone else picks to fight your team on their game). Your score can go up and down even for battle you don’t actively participate in, if your team is involved in the battle. As such, a strong or potentially unbeatable team composition should be the goal for all users!

Your “Arena Rank” will increase as your “Battle Score” increases. Your final rank at the end of the season will decide what Luxurious rewards you have earned!


The battle score will vary based on the opponent, as follows:

  • Beating an enemy with a Lower Rank than you will have a Small Positive Impact on your score
  • Beating an enemy with a Higher Rank than you will have a Large Positive Impact on your score
  • Losing to an enemy with a Higher Rank than you will have a Small Negative Impact on your score
  • Losing to an enemy with a Lower Rank than you will have a Large Negative Impact on your score

Information on the last 10 challenges against your team will appear in the “Battle Log”. It will be possible to “Counter Attack” people who have challenged you. Winning a “Counter Attack” will give you a “Counter Attack Success Bonus” on top of the standard points you will earn.


You can receive different rewards depending on your arena rank at the end of the season. The prize content and season length will vary from season to season as it is required to plan ahead from prizes like cards etc.

The battle score will reset at the start of each season, but the upper rank zones start with a certain battle score to begin with each season. These players will gain a favorable start based on their previous season performance.

In the Legend Arena, Battle Score and Arena Points will both be earned in battle. Arena Points earned will also be impacted by a lot of the same things that affect the Battle score however Arena Points will not decrease if you lose.

The battle in the Legend Arena will be set out as 8 Opponents in front of you.

You must clear the battles against these 8 opponents before progressing to the next set of opponents!

Switching the 8 people chosen for you is possible with the update button, however there is a cooldown on this button now so for a certain period of time you cannot refresh again.

Winning against all 8 people on your list will earn you bonus Arena Points!

Arena Points can be traded in for exclsuive prizes including the brand new Guaranteed 5★ Gacha Ticket!!!

Arena Points can be redeemed, regardless of the season period.

Arena Rank and Arena Points in Battle Arena will not transfer over to the Legend Arena.

In commemoration of the Grand Opening of the Legend Arena, gifts will be distributed to players based on their rank at the end of Battle Arena.

  • S3 – 600pt
  • S2 – 550pt
  • S1 – 500pt
  • – 450pt
  • A3 – 400pt
  • A2 – 350pt
  • A1 – 300pt
  • A – 250pt
  • B3 ~ B – 200pt
  • C3 ~ C – 150pt
  • D3 ~ D – 100pt
  • R – 100pt

The points will be usable in the current 1.3.0 Release store which will change to the 1.4.0 Release store. Points will be distributed after a maintenance for the release of version 1.4.0

More news on these changes will be coming soon!

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