Team Building

I get a lot of questions about team building (especially for Legend Arena) so I figured I’d make a post explaining some of the basics of making a team.


These are the names of the types as they will appear in the Database. A unit’s type will be an important thing to consider when team building.

Leader Skills

One of the first things you should consider for your team is, who will be in the leader slot? There are 4 things to consider when selecting your leader:

  • Do I want this unit to be in the main team?
  • What does their leader skill boost?
  • Who does their leader skill boost?
  • How much does their leader skill boost by?

How do I know a units leader skill?

They are all listed on the database

Do I want this unit to be in the main team?

This will depend on who the unit is. Obviously if you have a unit who you want to survive long enough to get off their Ultimate attack eg. SSJ Goku, you will want to put them in a support slot instead, even if you like their leader skill.

You also have to consider seals/roll-backs, characters like Bobobo are hard to deal with if your unit is in the main team but there are also many problematic units who will affect support slot units as well.

What does their leader skill boost?

Leader skills (so far) can boost 4 things; HP, Attack, Defence and Crit chance. All of these are viable leader skills and have their uses, they also all have their counters.

Typically people will opt for Attack leaders and for events this is definitely what you should do for faster farming but in Legend arena or certain harder events, it is quite often best to choose HP or Defence.

Who does their leader skill boost?

Typically leader skills boost colours but there are certain characters where this isn’t the case and they boost something like a characteristic. You are going to want to fill the team with units that fit the criteria of the leader skill eg. Strength units in a Strength team

How much does their leader skill boost by?

There are 2 damage modifiers for Leader skills; Large and Extreme.

Extreme is the biggest boost currently in the game. Typically Large leaders boost more than one type and very few Extreme leaders boost more than one type.


There are certain times when you would ignore the active leader skill when selecting subs for the team. This could be so that you get more hard hitters in your team or a certain utility unit. People who have played OPTC in the past may be familiar with this in the instance of characters like “Golden Pound Usopp” or “Shiryu of the Rain”.


How do I know a units passive?

They are all listed on the database just click on a character’s name or image to see their character page, their passives are listed there.

Passives Vs. Leader Skills

Passives can make or break a team. In a lot of cases they are more important to your team than leader skills. A lot of the boosts found in passives are similar to leader skills but there are some key differences.

Passives can boost by:

  • Unspecified*
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extreme
*if a passive doesn’t have a multiplier modifier just assume it is smaller than the small modifier.

Passives can boost:

  • Type
  • Characteristic
  • Class
  • Series
  • Era

Passives can affect:

  • Defence
  • Attack
  • HP
  • Crit Chance
  • Speed
  • Ultimate Attack damage
  • Damage against a certain type, class, characteristic etc.
  • and much more

Passives can essentially have an effect on anything to do with the battle. This makes building teams a bit more complicated but all you have to do is read the passives before you slot someone into your team.

Not all boosts are equal!

A common misconception is that each multiplier modifier eg. Extreme, is a set value. This is wrong. In the cases of leader skills we haven’t found any cases where the values have differed however in the case of passives we have. Typically for a passive, the more specific the passive is, the more powerful it is. Let’s use an example;

Kaori Makimura’s Passive 3:

  • “Boost the Attack of 1980s era allies with the Protagonist characteristic by an Extreme amount”

Ai Amano’s Passive 3:

  • “Boost the Attack of allies with the Protagonist characteristic by an Extreme amount”

Even though both passives boost by an Extreme amount, Kaori’s boost is bigger because it’s more specific.


As the meta changes every couple of weeks and there is currently no “100% guaranteed best team in the game” it’s impossible for me to tell you a best team to make. You have to consider who is in your box focus on building a team that works with those units. 5* minimum for Legend Arena but Victory is much better. Overboost is super important when the ranks get higher.

When building teams always get the relevant skills to level 10, including the ultimate attack.

Legend Arena in general is aimed at the people with the meta units, if you don’t have them then just make the best team you can manage with your box and hope for the best.

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