Version 1.5.0

Game Maintenance: 11/12 12:00~16:00

Game Version 1.5.0

  • Multi summon in scene gacha
  • Base box space will be increased to 250, max box space will be increased to 450
  • Character log will now display info on any prior rarities (eg. if you pull 5* Krillin but don’t have 3* and 4* they will still be added to the log)
  • In the event quests, the next chapter and the degree of difficulty will be released by clearing the chapter.
  • Bug Fixes

New Characters coming soon

Iori Yoshizuki from I”s

DQbrAe3VwAA0MwC.jpg large.jpeg

Itsuki Akiba from I”s


Aya Toujou from Ichigo 100%


Nishino Tsukasa from Ichigo 100%

DQgvonGUMAAHTOG.jpg large.jpeg

Other news

Ore Collection featured in Jump this week!

All the victory artworks up until the release of Giorno were showcased!


It was also confirmed that Ore Collection would have its own time featured at Jump Festa!

JumpFesta ’18 will begin on 16th December 0:00 GMT


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