“Deliver your thoughts” Christmas Gift Exchange Campaign


After the end of maintenance on the 15th we will be starting the gift exchange campaign!

Runs from : 12/15~12/28

Deliver your feelings to the 6 maidens this christmas!

Use the”feeling” points you earn by clearing missions to exchange for gifts for the heroines!

Gifts can be exchanged at the special point shop!


  • Consume 15 stamina – 10 Feeling Points

Get special OB drinks just for your heroines! It should be noted that these drinks are just branded after the selected heroines and can actually be used on any character with a matching colour for +10 OverBoost.

The mission resets at 3:59 JST each day and runs until the 28th.

This shop will disappear on the January 4th so spend your points by then!

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