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1) Level

This displays your current level. In this game you level up by collecting scenes.

2) Scenes needed

This displays the number of scenes required for your next level up.

3) Memorial Stones

This is the currency you use to summon for more scenes.

4) Gold

This is the currency you use for levelling characters, skill ups, evolution and more.

5) Jump Orbs

This is the premium currency of the game, use these to summon for characters, expand your character box and refill stamina

6) Orbs Menu

In this menu you can purchase new orbs, expand your box, refill you

Purchasing orbs guide

7) Settings

Take you to the Settings menu, this menu includes:

  • Changing your Nickname
  • Changing sound and animation settings
  • SNS /  Account Link
  • Other Stuff

8) Stamina Bar

This displays how much stamina you have. You need stamina to participate in events. Your stamina will sometimes increase when you level up.

9) Stamina Overflow

When you get a stamina refill either from using orbs, from using a stamina bottle or from a level up, if the amount of stamina you are refilling by is greater than the size of your stamina bar, the excess stamina will go into Stamina Overflow.

When your Stamina Overflow reach 100, you will receive a +100 Stamina Bottle, which you can use to refill 100 stamina whenever you need it.

10) Banners

Event, Summon, Sale or Legend Arena banners can appear here. Click them to go to the thing they are advertising.

11) Follow List

This takes you to the list of people you follow. The people you follow will appear frequently on your guest list when starting a battle. The only way to follow someone is by adding them after using them as a guest.

12) News

This will take you to the news page. This is where the developers tell us what is going on in the game and what is coming soon.

13) Training Campaign Missions

This menu option will only show up during special events. Here you will be able to claim special event rewards.

If you are new to the game there will also be an option above this for Beginner Quests

14) Gift Box

This is where certain rewards will be sent, some items will expire after a while so if you see anything in here that you want/need then make sure to collect it as soon as you can.

15) Missions

This is where Event, Lifetime and Daily missions will show up. Some rewards will be sent to the Gift Box when claimed.

16) Main Menu

This button will let you navigate back to this main screen when you are in other menus.

17) Scene Shop and Collections

This button will take you to the Scene Gacha screen. From there you will be able to summon on scene gacha, examine scene collections and browse your character and scene log.

18) Battle Menu

This will take you to the battle screen, from here you can choose from Events, Story Mode, Battle Tower and daily dungeons.

19) Legend Arena

Legend arena is this games version of PVP.

20) Gacha Menu

This menu contains all the currently available gacha banners, including:

  • Event Banners
  • Guaranteed 5* Summons
  • Era Banners
  • Power Up Banner

21) Team Menu

This is the menu that contains all the actions relating to your characters;

  • Powering Up
  • Evolving
  • Selling
  • Level Skills
  • Jump Awakening
  • other assorted

Settings Menu


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