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This is a work in progress to attempt to put all the terminology from the game together.

Bear in mind that for many of the translations we do not use the literal translation but the thing that best suits the situation eg. All Rounder is what we have translated “万能” as, however, “Universal” would be more accurate. We went with All Rounder because we already use the term “Universal” for Universal Scrolls.





  • 力 = Strength
  • 知 = Intelligence
  • 速 = Agile
  • 技 = Technique
  • 体 = Physical
  • 心 = Heart





  • 攻撃 = DPS
  • 防御 = Tank
  • 万能 = All Rounder
  • 補助 = Support
  • 回復 = Healer


There are a lot of characteristics in this game so I have put them in their own list which can be found here

Skill Scrolls

These scrolls are used to increase the level of a skill. Every character in the game (so far) has 10 skill levels. Each level up will lower the cooldown of the skill by 1 second. Some skills also grow in power / potency or gain new abilities as they are levelled up.

Sizes (Rarities):

Skills scrolls come in 3 sizes (Small [小], Medium[中] and Large[大]):



Scrolls come in 6 classes. One for each of the character classes in the game and one universal class. The universal scrolls are used by every character alongside the scrolls of their own class.


  • 攻撃の型のスキル強化書 = DPS Scroll
  • 防御の型のスキル強化書 = Tank Scroll
  • 万能の型のスキル強化書 = All Rounder Scroll
  • 補助の型のスキル強化書 = Support Scroll
  • 回復の型のスキル強化書 = Healer Scroll
  • 全ての型のスキル強化書 = Universal Scroll

Scrolls can be farmed from the daily scroll events and they also are normally included in the points shop for most events. Universal scrolls are also available as a drop on the daily scroll events but you will need a lot of them so you will need to also get them from clearing the daily missions, they will also be available from the Legend Arena store.

Character Stats

Every character has a set of 4 stats:

  • 攻撃力 = Attack
  • 防御力 = Defence
  • 最大HP = Health Points (HP)
  • 素早さ = Speed

What do they mean?

  • Attack is the amount of damage your attacks do, this number is also factored in when a Skill or Ultimate Attack uses a __% damage infliction eg. 150% damage skill on a character with 1000 Attack will do 1.5 x 1000 damage (1500)
  • Defence is how much you can reduce the damage enemies hit you for
  • HP is the amount of damage a unit can take before it is defeated, when a unit is defeated it can no longer be used in that battle
  • Speed decides who gets to attack first, speed can also reduce the wait time for a unit’s Ultimate Attack

Leader Skills

Leader skills are broken down into 3 parts:

  • Type of Boost
  • Who receives the boost
  • Boost amount

Type of Boost

So far we have only seen leader skills boost four things:

  • 攻撃力 = Attack
  • 防御力 = Defence
  • 最大HP = HP
  • クリティカル率 = chance of Critical hits

These four things can also be boosted by passives which typically are more complex than leader skills

Who receives the boost?

This will most likely change in the future but currently we have only seen 2 different groups get boosted by a Leader Skill:

  • Types
  • Characteristics

Boost Amount (Multipliers):

Multipliers will typically appear towards the end of a boost or reduction and will be accompanied with the text “アップ” – UP.

Below are the multipliers in descending order of power:

  • 特大 = Extreme
  • 大 = Large
  • 中 = Medium
  • 小 = Small

There are also instances where a boost or reduction will have no value and will simply have the text “アップ” – UP, with no multiplier text next to it.

Leader Skill Example

I’m going to break down a leader skill here into its parts to show how the informations above applies to a leader skill

Chosen by the Arrow – Giorno Giovanna


Leader Skill: 速・カ・体属性の最大HP大アップ

How do I read this?

  • 速・カ・体 = Agile and Strength and Physical
  • 属性 = Attribute (Type)
  • の = of
  • 最大HP = Maximum HP
  • 大 = Large
  • アップ = UP


So we translated this leader skill as:

UP Large Maximum HP of Attribute (Type) Agile and Strength and Physical

That translation by itself is fine but to make it a bit clearer we have this translation in the database as:

Boost the HP of StrengthPhysical and Agile units by a Large amount

Let’s try another:

Super Paopei Cyborg – Li Nataku


Leader Skill: 心・体属性の攻撃力特大アップ

How do I read this?

  • 心・体 = Heart and Physical
  • 属性 = Attribute (Type)
  • の = of
  • 攻撃力 = Attack Power
  • 特大 = Extra Large
  • アップ = UP


So we translated this leader skill as:

UP Extra Large Attack Power of Attribute (Type) Heart and Physical

We have this translation in the database as:

Boost the Attack of Heart and Physical units by an Extreme amount

Buffs / Debuffs

Buff / Debuffs in this game can be split into 2 categories


A status condition is similar to status conditions in a game like pokemon, they don’t affect your stats but affect you in some other way:

  • 気絶 = Stun:
  • 行動不能 = Immobilize: Stops a unit from doing anything
  • 必殺技封印 = Ultimate Attack Seal: Stops Ultimate Attack from being used
  • 氷結 = Freeze: Stops a unit from doing anything
  • やけど = Burn: Causes damage per turn
  • 毒 = Poison: Causes damage per turn
  • 恐怖 = Fear: Chance to seal Skills and Ultimate Attack
  • Blind: Chance for normal attacks to hit the wrong characters
  • 出血 = Bleed: Causes damage per turn
  • Heavy Bleed: HP gets drained to 1 at the start of next turn (same kanji as Bleed but will state different effect)
  • 自動回復 = Auto Recovery: Heals per turn
  • 魅了 = Charm: Unit will attack their own allies or themselves
  • ダメージが効かなく = Block: Prevents damage being dealt to the unit
  • 仲間への通常攻撃を代わりに受 = Guard: Unit will take damage for their allies


A stat condition is a condition that has a direct impact on a unit’s stats, it can either boost or reduce the stats of a unit:

  • 攻撃力 = Attack
  • 防御力 = Defence
  • 最大HP = HP
  • クリティカル率 = chance of Critical hits
  • 素早さ = Speed
  • スキルダメージ = Skill Damage
  • 必殺技威力を = Ultimate Attack Damage
  • HP回復効果 = Effect of Healing Skills
  • 攻撃した際のダメージ = Damage Dealt
  • 受けるダメージ = Damage Received




  •  ★5確定キャラクターガシャチケット = 5★ Gacha Ticket
  • アリーナカード = Arena Stamina
  • ジャンプゴールド = Gold
  • キャラクターガシャチケット = Gacha Ticket
  •  ゴールドアップ = Gold Boost
  • ジャンプオーブ = Jump Orb
  • メモリアルポイント = Memorial Stone
  •  パワーアップガシャチケット = Power Up Gacha Ticket
  • ジャポビタン = Stamina Bottle
  •  強化ベンチプレス = Bench Press
  •  強化ダンベル = Dumbbell
  • ブーストドリンク = Over Boost Soda

What do they do?

  • 5★ Gacha Ticket = A single pull on a Gacha that only has 5★ cards in it (this gacha does not include Jump Units)
  • Arena Stamina = Use these cards to refill your stamina for Legend Arena
  • Gold = The standard currency for the game, used for most things in game
  • Gacha Ticket = A single pull on any Gacha (not including the 5★ Gacha)
  • Gold Boost = Can be activated before running a stage to double the Gold Earned
  • Jump Orb = The premium currency for the game, used for summoning on gachas, Expanding character boxes and refilling stamina.
  • Memorial Stone = The secondary currency for the game, use these exclusively on the scene gacha, collect scenes to level up your account and equip the scenes to your characters to power them up
  • Power Up Gacha Ticket = A single pull on the Power Up Gacha, a gacha that only has select beginner units and fodder units (as well as dumbbells)
  • Stamina Bottle = Use these bottles to refill your stamina for normal quests
  • Bench Press = A special type of dumbbell, this item will level any character that is the same colour from 1 to 60 (if they are Victory evolved)
  • Dumbbell = Use this item to boost a character level. They come in 4 sizes; Small, Medium, Large and Bench Press. They normally come in all 6 in game colours but in the past there has been a 7th variety of dumbbell called a Rainbow Dumbbell
  • Over Boost Soda = Use this to boost the Over Boost of a character that is the same colour.


Medals are required to Jump Awaken units. There are two types of medals:

  • Era Medals
  • Series Medals

Era medals are used to Jump Awaken units from the era they are from, Series medals are used to Jump Awaken units from the series they are from. Both can be obtained from events.

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