Hyunckel Raid Preparation Gacha


To celebrate the release of the Hyunckel Raid, a Gacha is being held in his honour! This gacha will feature units that we think will help you defeat Hyunckel!

This gacha will run during the period: 12:00 2/21 ~ 2/27 22:59 JST

The following units will be Rated UP by a Large amount in their 5★ form!

  • Hidden Weapon of the Sand Village – Gaara
  • Leader of Sket Dan – Yusuke Fujisaki
  • Glistening Preparedness – Guido Mista

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Valentine’s Twitter Campaign

A Twitter campaign is being held in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Retweet the tweet below to contribute. Rewards are as follows:

  • 500 RT: 10 Large Dumbbells of each colour and 20 power up gacha tickets
  • 1000 RT: 2 Gacha Tickets
  • 1500 RT: 5★ Gacha Ticket
  • 2000 RT: +50 OB Soda (INT, AGLHRT)

Skillful Female Spellcasters Gacha


This is your chance to get a copy of Chrome Dukuro or Rukia Kuchiki! They are exclusive to this banner so if you want them in your deck then act now!

Banner Exclusives: Chrome Dukuro & Rukia Kuchiki

The gacha will feature all the normal “standard” gacha units but will include a boosted chance of pulling the 5* units :

  • Chrome Dukuro
  • Rukia Kuchiki

This gacha will run during the period: 2/13 (after maintenance) ~ 2/28 11:59

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Event: Valentine’s Fuss


The classrooms are full with Valentine’s Love! The girls are everywhere, Chrome Dukuro, Rukia Kuchiki and Kosaki Onodera have all gathered in Ore Collection!!

This event has 3 Stages that can be challenged on 3 difficulties:

Beginner – Intermediate – Expert

For this particular event; the drops are specific to the stage;

  • Stage 1 drops medals for Rukia and AGL Dumbbells
  • Stage 2 drops medals for Chrome and INT Dumbbells
  • Stage 3 drops HRT Dumbbells

*All stages drop Power Up Tickets

All stages are the same difficulty and give the same amount of points, memorial stones, gold etc. If you pull Rukia or Chrome then farm their respective stages so you can Jump Awaken them, if not them farm Stage 3 (Onodera). The missions have been altered to reflect these changes.

Event period: 2/13 (after maintenance) ~ 2/28 11:59

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