Skillful Female Spellcasters Gacha


This is your chance to get a copy of Chrome Dukuro or Rukia Kuchiki! They are exclusive to this banner so if you want them in your deck then act now!

Banner Exclusives: Chrome Dukuro & Rukia Kuchiki

The gacha will feature all the normal “standard” gacha units but will include a boosted chance of pulling the 5* units :

  • Chrome Dukuro
  • Rukia Kuchiki

This gacha will run during the period: 2/13 (after maintenance) ~ 2/28 11:59

Featured Unit 1


Chrome Dukuro

from Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Type: Intelligence

Class: Support

Era: 2000’s

Ultimate Attack: Mist Illusion – Pillars of Fire

Inflict 450% damage to all enemies (Cooldown: 38)

Skill 1: Mist Illusion – Halucination

Block damage to all allies once (Cooldown: 32)

Skill 2: Cortina Nebbia

Reduce Damage Received from Agile enemies for main team allies by a Large amount  (Cooldown: 22)

Skill 3: Magical lens

Boost this unit’s Ultimate Attack Damage by a Large amount for 2 turns (Cooldown: 23)


  • Boost the Attack of Intelligence units by a Medium amount
  • Boost the Defence of units with the Artist characteristic by an Extreme amount
  • Prevent status debuffs on allies with the Artist characteristic twice from the start of battle

100% Max Stats

  • HP: 9001
  • ATK: 1355
  • DEF: 1219
  • SPD: 34

Featured Unit 2


Rukia Kuchiki

from Bleach

Type: Agile

Class: All Rounder

Era: 2000’s

Ultimate Attack: Some no mai, Tsukishiro

Inflict 400% damage to the enemy main team (Cooldown: 36)

Skill 1: Bakudō 4 Hainawa

Inflict 250% damage to the target, if they are Strength type then roll back their skill gauge by 5% (Cooldown: 21)

Skill 2: Bakudō 61 Rikujōkōrō

Chance to Paralyze the target for 2 turns (Cooldown: 30)

Skill 3: Sōren Sōkatsui

Inflict 400% damage to the target (Cooldown: 32)


  • Boost the Attack of Agile units by a Medium amount
  • Boost the chance of Critical Hits for Agile units by a Large amount
  • Boost the Ultimate Attack Damage of units with the Divine characteristic by a Large amount

100% Max Stats

  • HP: 9638
  • ATK: 1688
  • DEF: 1514
  • SPD: 35

Jump Awakenings

These units are both Limited Gacha Exclusive units that can Jump Awaken!

Collect medals from the event “Valentines Fuss” to awaken these characters to their Jump Awakened forms!


In order to awaken these units you will need to collect medals from the event which can be found as stage drops or purchased from the point exchange

Medals required to Jump Awaken Chrome

  • 2000’s Era Medal x30
  • Chrome Dukuro Medal x50
  • Halluciform Rokudo Mukuro Medal x50
  • Owl Medal x50

Medals required to Jump Awaken Rukia

  • 2000’s Era Medal x30
  • Kuchiki Rukia Medal x50
  • Kaien Shiba Medal x50
  • Chappy Medal x50

These units will acquire new stats and skills when Jump awakened!

Jump Awakened Chrome

Jump Ultimate Attack: Genkyu Mugaia

Inflict 6 hits of 150% damage which ignores defence to all enemies (Cooldown: 35)

Skill 4 (Jump Only): Flame of the Owl

Roll forward this unit’s skill gauge by 5% (Cooldown: 20)

100% Max Stats

  • HP: 9845
  • ATK: 1509
  • DEF: 1326
  • SPD: 36

Jump Awakened Rukia

Jump Ultimate Attack: Tsugi no mai, Hakuren

Inflict 500% damage to all enemies, chance to Freeze for 2 turns (Cooldown: 34)

Skill 4 (Jump Only): San no mai, Shirafune

Boost this unit’s Damage Dealt to Strength characters by a Large amount for 2 turns and inflict 200% to the target (Cooldown: 23)

100% Max Stats

  • HP: 10532
  • ATK: 1880
  • DEF: 1647
  • SPD: 37

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