Version 1.7.0 + Maintenance

Maintenance will be undertaken during the following period:

3/15 12:00 ~ 18:00

Version 1.7.0

Point Store and Event Changes

The specification and Design of events will be changed. Event quests will be categorized into 3 sets “Character”, “Extra” and “Challenge” so you can acquire common exchange points regardless of which event you play.

As a result of these changes, Special Quests will be integrated into “Event Extra”

Points will be integrated into 1 point exchange using the common currency “Exchange Point”

Points gathered on the Slam Dunk and Reborn events will still be applicable to their own stores for the time being

Battle Info Changes

More information about enemies will be viewable from the magnifying glass than before. This information will include Passive Skills, Debuff Protection and more

Other Changes

  • Adjustments to the Lock On system to make it easier to use
  • “Resource Repair” in the Menu will be changes to “Clear Cache”
  • Changes to the top screen of the arena
  • Download Progress screen has been improved
  • When enemies and allies die at the same time, the player will now be the one to lose
  • Event Preparation
  • Bug Fixes




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