3 Week Assault Event Festival


Two Assault Quests return and a new one arrives for this special festival event.

  • Seto Kaiba from Yu☆gi☆oh – 04/16 12:00 ~ 04/22 23:59
  • So Dakki from Hoshin Engi – 04/26 12:00 ~ 04/30 22:59
  • Vegeta from Dragon Ball – 05/02 12:00 ~ 05/08 22:59

Updated Event Content

Changes have been made to the game in recent weeks that affect the way Assault Quests are played. Vegeta and Kaiba will both be updated to the new Assault system that uses Character Vouchers.

  • Collect Vouchers from clearing the stage
  • Trade 50 Vouchers in at the Character Exchange for a 3★ copy of the unit
  • Vouchers can only be traded for the character whose picture is on it


More information on these events will come out soon so look forward to them!

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