New Heroes Gacha!


New series are being added to the game and they bring new units with them! These featured 5★ units will be rated up and come with 3 Luck!

  • Kobayakawa Sena from Eyeshield 21
  • Kenta Hirono from Yume Senshi Wing-man
  • Takeshi from Seikimatsu Leader den Takeshi!
  • Taison Maeda from Rokudenashi Blues

Other characters than the ones above will be available, confirm them in game under the gacha appearance list!

Gacha Period: 04/16 15:00 ~ 05/03 14:59

Version Update

  • Auto Play function implemented
    • Only available in Single Player
    • SOS will cancel function
  • Fixed multiplay rooms not appearing as expected despite PIN and filter setting being set correctly
  • Fixed random chance of App crash when accepting an SOS mission
  • Fixed certain issues with certain Buddy Skills and Skills not performing conversion as expected
  • Balance adjustment to the character Bon Clay
  • Skill Experience will be inherited when awakening
    • Previously only the level attained would be inherited and experience between levels would be wiped
    • Now experience level and experience between levels will be kept
  • Fixed issue with the effect of the Final stage of the “Beautiful Silver Saint Warrior” event
  • Fixed problems with the tutorial not behaving as expected and occasionally becoming impossible to complete without reinstalling the application
  • Fixed issue where certain unit’s Luck level being raised would not count towards mission
  • Fixed certain character animations and movement
  • Corrected certain grammatical errors
  • Fixed other small bugs

We hope you look forward to more updates in the future!

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