Seto Kaiba Assault Overthrow Gacha


To celebrate the release of the Seto Kaiba Raid, a Gacha is being held in his honour! This gacha will feature units that we think will help you defeat Seto Kaiba!

This gacha will run during the period: 12:00 4/16 ~ 4/22 23:59 JST

The following units will be Rated UP by a Large amount in their 5★ form!

Featured Unit 1


Stand User of Star Platinum – Jotaro Kujo

from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Type: Strength

Class: All-Rounder

Era: 1980’s

Leader Skill: Boost the chance of Critical Hits for Strength units by an Extreme amount

Ultimate Attack: OraOraOra Rush

Inflict 15 hits of 10% damage which ignores all defences, with an additional final hit of 600% damage (Cooldown: 40)

Skill 1: Precise Motion

Negate one stat debuff on each main team ally, all main team allies also gain +1 normal attacks per turn for 4 turns (Cooldown: 50)

Skill 2: Ora~tsu

Inflict 2 hits of 50% damage to all enemy main team members (Cooldown: 25)

Skill 3: Star Finger

Ignore enemy defences and inflict 180% damage to target (Cooldown: 40)

100% Max Stats

  • HP: 9670
  • Attack: 1859
  • Defence: 1182
  • Speed: 31


  • Prevent Stun on this unit once
  • Roll-forward the cooldown of this unit’s skills by 10% at the start of battle
  • When the number of allies is 3 or less, boost the Attack of Strength allies by a Large amount


  • Student
  • Delinquent
  • Protagonist

Featured Unit 2


First of the Nose Hair – Bo. BoBo

from Bo. Bobo

Type: Strength

Class: Support

Era: 2000’s

Leader Skill: Boost the chance of Critical Hits for Strength units by an Extreme amount

Ultimate Attack: Romance Sensation Movement!!

Inflict 400% damage to the target, chance to seal enemy Ultimate Attack for 3 turns, and prevent target from applying positive buffs 4 times (Cooldown: 50)

Skill 1: Nose Hair Violent Fist

Inflict 15% damage to the enemy main team, chance to seal enemy Ultimate Attack for 2 turns, this is guaranteed for enemies with the Pro characteristic (Cooldown: 18)

Skill 2: Soul

Inflict 140% damage to the target, boost main team allies Attack by a Medium amount for 4 turns (Cooldown: 44)

Skill 3: Holy Nose Hair Area

Inflict 90% damage to the enemy main team, chance to Stun them for 2 turns, furthermore, if the targets have the Protagonist characteristic, roll back their cooldowns by 15% (Cooldown: 45)

100% Max Stats

  • HP: 8281
  • Attack: 1428
  • Defence: 1132
  • Speed: 28


  • Roll forward this unit’s cooldowns by 50% at the start of battle
  • Roll forward cooldowns by 5% for Strength allies
  • Roll forward cooldowns by 5% for allies with the Master characteristic


  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Master
  • Protagonist
  • Glasses

Featured Unit 3


Red Headed Basketballer – Sakuragi Hanamichi

from Slam Dunk

Type: Strength

Class: DPS

Era: 1990’s

Leader Skill: Boost the Attack of Strength and Technique units by a Large amount

Ultimate Attack : Hung Hoon Defence

Inflict 600% damage to enemy main team (Cooldown: 40)

Skill 1 : Champion Under the Hoop

Inflict 400% damage to target, reduce the Damage Dealt by the target by an Extreme amount for 3 turns (Cooldown: 45)

Skill 2 : Screen Out

Reduce the Attack of the target by a Large amount for 3 turns, furthermore roll back their cooldowns by 15% (Cooldown: 35)

Skill 3 : Genius Explosion

Boost this unit’s Attack by a Large amount for 4 turns (Cooldown: 30)


  • When this unit’s HP is above 80%, all Strength allies get +1 normal attacks
  • 10% Chance for all Strength Allies to counterattack
  • Boost the Attack of Strength units


  • Student
  • Athlete
  • Protagonist
  • Hot Blooded
  • Genius
  • Delinquent

Jump Awakening

Sakuragi Hanamichi can be Jump Awakened using medals from the points exchange. Earn points from clearing stages and invest them in medals to awaken this powerful character!

Jump Awakening this unit will improve their stats and alter their Ultimate Attack as well as unlocking a special 4th skill!


Medals required to awaken Sakuragi

  • 1990’s Medal x30
  • Sakuragi Hanamichi Medal x50
  • Akagi Takenori Medal x50
  • Haruko Akagi Medal x50
  • Anzai Sensei Medal x50

Jump Awakened


Rebound King – Sakuragi Hanamichi

Leader Skill: Boost the Attack of Strength and Technique units by an Extreme amount

Ultimate Attack : Slam Dunk!

Inflict 650% damage to all main team enemies, this attack bypasses defense (Cooldown: 33)

Skill 4 : Rebound King!

This unit gains +1 normal attacks per turn for 4 turns, this unit also counters all normal attacks for 4 turns (Cooldown: 50)

100% Max Stats

  • HP: 9375
  • Attack: 2508
  • Defence: 842
  • Speed: 36

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