Transcendent Class Event – Toguro


A Transcendent Class event will be held starting from 04/24

The event – Fear Me at 80% Power! This event will drop an exclusive character and will provide experience for you and your characters!

This will be your chance to get a copy of Younger Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho!

Event Duration: 04/24 15:00 ~ 05/02 14:59

Stage Info

The stage will be available in 2 difficulties:

  • Super Class – 25 Stamina
  • Transcendent Class – 35 Stamina


  • Clear this event 1 time – 10 Rubies
  • Clear this event 3 times – 5★ Younger Toguro (with 2 Luck)

The boss will have a chance to drop a 5★ copy of himself, you can also receive multiple copies per run with Luck bonus in Multiplay. Toguro is a powerful unit who can be awakened to 6★ rarity so try your best to get him to 99 Luck!

All missions require you to clear the highest difficulty available.

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