50 Day Anniversary Campaign


To celebrate 50 days since the games release a campaign will be held starting 05/16!

Celebration login Bonus


Useful items and rewards will be distributed for logging in for 5 days during the period below, make sure not to miss a day to make the most of the rewards!

Event Period: 05/17 04:00 ~ 05/22 03:59

Transcendent Class Events Revived! Event Rush!


The old Transcendent events that were available until now will be returning with new clear rewards and missions! Clear each one once for 10 Rubies, Clear them 3 times for a copy of the unit with 2 luck and clear a total 7 times to get a copy of the unit with 10 Luck! A great opportunity for those who missed out last time!


  • 5/16~5/18: Tenken Style’s Strongest Swordsman – Seta Sōjirō
  • 5/17~5/19: Erasure Hero – Eraserhead – Shota Aizawa
  • 5/18~5/20: BLEED ALL ROUND – Onizuka
  • 5/19~5/21: Fear Me at 80% Power – Younger Toguro

Campaign Period: 5/16 ~ 05/21 14:59

SOS Campaign Event


The number of times SOS can be used per day will be upgraded from 2-3 during this event, furthermore special daily missions will be held!

Daily Missions

  • Clear 4 daily missions – 20 Rubies
  • Clear stages 3 times – 15 Stamina
  • Clear a daily stage once – 20 Stamina
  • Strengthen a character – 5000 Gold
  • Send FP to friends – 100FP
  • Call for an SOS – 20 Rubies
  • Join an SOS 20 Rubies

Event Period: 05/17 04:00 ~ 05/22 03:59

50th Day Anniversary Step Up Gacha


For this celebration a special gacha will be held! On the 1st, 2nd and 4th multi summons get a Guaranteed 4★ and on the 3rd and 5th multi summons get a Guaranteed 5★ unit!

  • 1st Multi100 Rubies: 3 units + 1x Guaranteed 4★ or above
  • 2nd Multi – 300 Rubies:  5 units + 1x Guaranteed 4★ or above
  • 3rd Multi1000 Rubies:  10 units + 1x Guaranteed 5★
  • 4th Multi500 Rubies: 10 units + 1x Guaranteed 4★ or above
  • 5th Multi1000 Rubies: 10 units + 1x Guaranteed 5★

The step up ends after the 5th multi.

Event Period: 05/18 15:00 ~ 05/21 14:59

Version 1.1.0

Medal Exchange!

With the new function “medal exchanges” scheduled to be implemented with this update, you can use the Trade Medals that you receive when you parted with (sold) characters.

You will be able to exchange for past special characters and many other items that will be of use to you!


Please note this is a development screenshot and certain changes may be made. Please also note that the items available will be limited in number and also in time.

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