Power Up Quest


The quest that made its debut during golden week has been reworked slightly and makes a return!

Event Period: 05/21 12:00 ~ 06/01 03:59

What is this stage?

Clear this stage once per day each day it is available during the period above and you will receive 2000 Exchange Points as well as either Skill Scrolls or Power Up gacha tickets. This is an easy quest so even beginners can enjoy!

Stage Clear Reward

Clearing this stage will reward you with:

  • 2000 Exchange points
  • 20,000 Gold
  • 200 Memorial Stones
  • Prize Rewards

The prize rewards are decided by random chance, you can receive any kind of scroll as well as power up gacha tickets, the rewards will be as follows:

  • Any Scroll Type (Small) x10
  • Any Scroll Type (Medium) x15
  • Any Scroll Type (Large) x5
  • Power Up Gacha Tickets x10


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