Reroll Guide

In this guide I will explain if you should reroll, if so who should you be looking for and how to do it!

Should I Reroll?

My personal opinion is that two or more 5★ gacha units is the best place to start for any account. Obviously you get to choose one unit at the start so I suggest rerolling until you get a second 5★ unit to go with them.

Who should I pick?

Right now they would all be considered good units, some will say go with Midoriya, others will say Goku but I think the best character to choose is your personal favourite as any of them can be great assets to your account but no one 5★ alone can carry your through all the content.

Who else should I be aiming for?

Again I would recommend the character that you personally want most. You can find a use for pretty much every 5★ in the game so just choose you favourite and aim for them

How do I reroll?

Download the game, play through the tutorial, choose your free 5★ and hope you get what you wanted, if not then on iOS delete the App and reinstall, on Android either do the same or go to settings and clear data for the game

Once you have your account of choice link in to your Line account. Some people are wary of Line if it is something they haven’t used before but it protects your game’s account by saving it to your Line account and is currently the only way to transfer account data if need be.

Isn’t there a fast reroll method?

We have yet to find one but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible, if we find one I will update this guide to let everyone know!

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