Guild and Unity Battle Information


No release date yet, more information below

What is Guild?

Guilds are a way for your to play and cooperate alongside friends against strong opposition forces. Guilds will be available from when you reach rank 12 or above.

Your favourite Jump work’s logo will be displayed as the team logo. It is recommended you join a team whose logo is your favourite work.

Additionally, at rank 30 or above you can start your own team and try and get people to join under the badge of your favourite works.

What can you do as a guild?

Guilds gain access to 3 new features; Chat, Team Enhancement and Unity Battle.

What is Chat?

In chat you can communicate with your guild. Echange information and strategize for hard events, tell everyone your favourite stories from your favourite works and don’t worry, if you are too nervous to chat then feel free to use stamps so you can still feel involved

What is Team Enhancement?

You can invest coins into strengthening your guild. Strengthening your guild will improve the status of the characters when participating in unity battle. As a team you can be much stronger when challenging difficult stages.

What is Unity Battle?

Unity Battles are special events that you can challenge when you join a guild. By defeating a “Bounty” in cooperation with your guild, get luxury rewards including a new Legend.

The next set of information distributed will expand further on Unity Battle so please look forward to it!

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