Renewed Friendship Campaign


Starting 05/28, send stamina to Line friends who haven’t logged in regularly, if they come back you get 10 Rubies!

The mark below shows what it looks like when a friend is eligible for this offer:


Players who return to the game after a hiatus during this event period will receive luxury rewards as detailed below:

  • Login 1 time – 5★ Guaranteed Ticket (Comeback)
  • Login 2 times – 1980s or prior era ticket
  • Login 3 times – 1990s era ticket
  • Login 4 times – 2000s or later era ticket
  • Login 5 times – 3★ or Higher Guaranteed Ticket
  • Login 6 times – 4★ or Higher Guaranteed Ticket
  • Login 7 times – Multi Ticket (Comeback)

You can only receive this login bonus if you have been absent from play for 30 days or more without logging in

Event Period: 05/28 15:00 ~ 06/07 14:59

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