3 Day Jumpfest


During the period below, 4 limited Jump units return to the game! This will be a good chance to pick up some strong allies for your team!

Banner Period: 5/31 12:00 ~ 6/2 11:59

Featured Units

Furthermore, for a limited time, the price of the character medals for these units will be reduced to 100 pts each!

Medal Sale Period: 5/31 12:00 ~ 6/6 3:59

Jump Orb Sale


The sale this time will be the 750 Orb pack, for the same price, get an additional +100 orbs so 850 orbs for the price of 750. This pack can be purchased once per day during the period below:

Orb Sale Period: 5/31 12:00 ~ 6/3 3:59

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