Battle Rush Fierce Test


Battle Rush returns with the reprint boss Shin Seijuro! Receive many rewards for clearing the stages and for beating Shin himself receive the Legend Summon Shin Seijuro! These stages are VERY challenging so be prepared!

Event Period: 08/16 15:00 ~ 08/24 14:59

Defeat Shin Support Gacha Revamped


A special gacha will be held to help players collect the units they need to defeat Shin Seijuro! This gacha will also hold certain discounts for your summons! Get ready to defeat him and earn a new Legend!

Pickup Units

  • Kenta Hirono – Wing-Man – Stage 19
  • Kobayakawa Sena – Eyeshield 21 – Stage 20
  • Moritaka Mashiro – Bakuman – Stage 24
  • Tanjirou Kamado – Kimetsu no Yaiba – Stage 23

These pickup units have abilities that will make them good allies to bring along for the event “Battle Rush – Fierce Test”. You can see the stage they will be effective for listed to the right of them!

Discounts & Offers

  • 1st Single – 25 Rubies
  • 1st Multi – 500 Rubies
  • 2nd Multi – 750 Rubies
  • 3rd Multi – Guaranteed Pickup 5★
  • 6th Multi – Guaranteed Pickup 5★
  • 9th Multi – Guaranteed Pickup 5★

All other multis on this banner will guarantee at least one 4★ or higher! Standard rates apply. Any pick up characters pulled will come at lvl 80 with their skills already levelled up to lvl 5!

What is Battle Rush?


As you challenge each stage, the next stage you unlock will be harder than the last. These stages do not give exp or drops so just aim to bring your strongest or most suitable units rather than worrying about luck or levelling units.

This time, 4 new stages have been added to the event! This will be more of a challenge than last time so good luck!

Stamina Cost : 1


  • Clear Stage 1 – 10 Rubies
  • Clear Stage 2 – 50k Coins
  • Clear Stage 3 – 5★ Strengthening Tickets x3
  • Clear Stage 4 – 10 Rubies
  • Clear Stage 5 – 10 Rubies
  • Clear Stage 6 – Rainbow Jump Souls x3
  • Clear Stage 7 – Large Skill Scroll x1
  • Clear Stage 8Skill Jewel x1
  • Clear Stage 9 – 20 Rubies
  • Clear Stage 10 – Bronze Key x1
  • Clear Stage 11 – Large Buddy Scroll x1
  • Clear Stage 12 Buddy Jewel x1
  • Clear Stage 13 – 20 Rubies
  • Clear Stage 14 – Golden Key x1
  • Clear Stage 15 – Large Passive Scroll x1
  • Clear Stage 16Passive Jewel x1
  • Clear Stage 17 – 30 Rubies
  • Clear Stage 18 – Silver Key x1
  • Clear Stage 19 – 4★ or higher Guaranteed Gacha Ticket x1
  • Clear Stage 20 Legend Summon [Shin Seijuro]
  • Clear Stage 21 – ???
  • Clear Stage 22 – ???
  • Clear Stage 23 – ???
  • Clear Stage 24 – ???

*If you already possess Shin Seijuro then you will receive 500K Coins instead

What is a Legend Summon?

Legend Summons are super powerful allies who you can call upon to provide support during battle, they are not one of your normal units but can still help you out once you fill up the Summoning Gauge. You will have received at least one Legend Summon at this point in the form of Shanks from One Piece. The abilities of Legend Summons vary and many are available so try and collect them all!

What is a Jewel?

Jewels are special super rare items that can be used to boost the MAX skill level of a unit. They come in 3 varieties; Buddy, Passive and Skill.

  • A Buddy Jewel can boost the MAX Buddy Skill Level of 1 unit by 1
  • A Passive Jewel can boost the MAX Passive Skill Level of 1 unit by 1
  • A Skill Jewel can boost the MAX Ultimate Attack Skill Level of 1 unit by 1

WARNING: If you use these items on a unit who has already reached the maximum limit for that skill then it will not work!

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