Legend Arena Season 13


Season 13 of Legend Arena has been announced!

  • Season 13 Round 1 : 6/19 at 12:00 – 6/25 at 23:59
  • Season 13 Round 2 : 6/26 at 12:00 – 7/2 at 23:59
  • Season 13 Round 3 : 7/3 at 12:00 – 7/9 at 23:59

Each round rewards and exchange prizes will be updated so you can buy them again!

Each round has around a 12 hour break before the next one starts

Notices during Season 13!

  • This season’s reward will be Misa Amane from Death Note!
  • Death Note Scene gacha will be added
  • During the 3rd round the max amount of certain items available for purchase in the store will be increased!
  • Rewards are tweaked on the final round of this season!

Rework of Matchmaking System

While your Collection Level is below a certain level, until your battle score reaches 1400 or above, you will face more opponents in a similar position!

Hopefully this will make it easier for new opponents to challenge Legend Arena every day!

Death Note Scene Gacha


A Death Note Scene Gacha with brand new scenes featuring Misa is being added, a good opportunity to add these scenes to your collection for the new unit this season!

Featured Unit


The Girl with Shinigami Eyes – Misa Amane

from Death Note

Type: Physical

Class: Support

Era: 2000s

Ultimate Attack: Guiding Eyes of Death

Boost the Ultimate Attack Damage of all team members by an Extreme amount for 2 turns, for Physical team members, also Roll Forward their Ultimate Attack cooldown by 10% (Cooldown: 27)

Skill 1: I Will Kill You

Inflict 150% damage to the enemy main team, inflict a further 400% damage to all main team enemies with the Heroine characteristic (Cooldown: 22)

Skill 2: Thank You Kiss

Recover the HP of Support slot team members by a Large amount and negate their Status debuffs (Cooldown: 18)

Skill 3: Can I Just Use It?

Inflict 20% damage to this unit and Roll Forward the Ultimate Attack cooldowns of all team members except this unit by 7% (Cooldown: 22)


  • Boost the Attack of all Physical team members by a Medium amount
  • When attacking units with the Heroine characteristic, boost this unit’s Attack by a Mega amount
  • Roll Forward this unit’s Skill Gauge by 20% once

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