5★ Pick Up Vote Selection


The number of characters appearing in this game continues to increase every month, making the game more and more lively!

This time a vote is being held in game for a gacha that will be coming next month!

The reason for this vote is to give people a better chance to pull popular characters and to have their say on who will be included in the gacha

The vote includes all 5★ Gacha units (FP gacha not included) as of 6/21. The most voted for characters will be featured pick up units in a gacha

Voting Period: 6/21 15:00 ~ 7/2 14:59

Aggregation Period: Within one week from the end of voting

Results Announcement: Within two weeks from the end of voting

How does voting work?

You can proceed to the voting form from the link below, however, there is a mission in game to vote from your device, in order to do so:

  • Open up the Quests Board (missions)
  • Go to the 3rd Tab (Event Missions)
  • Click the Red Button on the new 10 Ruby Mission

Do this and you will proceed to the voting form and fulfill the mission!

On this form please select up to 3 characters that you would like to see featured in this banner. Then click send at the bottom of the page.

Please only vote once per player.

Link to Vote: https://jumputi.game.line.me/pickup/

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