1st Anniversary Super JumpFest


20 past Jump units will appear in this banner to commemorate the 1st Anniversary of Ore Collection!

To celebrate the Anniversary, the first multi summon on this banner will be free!

Additionally once per day get a free single summon!

PickUp Units

If you pull a 5★ unit it is guaranteed to be a Jump Unit!! Furthermore the rate for 5★ units has been increased to 7.5% for this banner!

Banner Period: 6/29 12:00 ~ 7/2 11:59

Additionally all the medals for these units will be on sale for a limited time! Purchase the medals you need for the reduced price of 100 points each! Up to 100 medals of each can be purchased!

*Era medals are not included

Sale Period: 6/29 12:00 ~ 8/7 11:59

JumpFest Limited Orbs Sale


The pack that normally contains 750 orbs will contain 850 for a limited time for the same price! That’s +100 orbs for free!!

You can only purchase this sale pack once.

Sale Period: 6/29 12:00 ~ 7/3 3:59

1st Anniversary Celebration Gacha

In addition to the Super JumpFest, from July 10th, 1st Anniversary Celebration gacha will be held!

Expect special Pick Up gacha to appear during the dates below:

  • 7/10 12:00 ~ 7/19 23:59
  • 7/17 12:00 ~ 7/26 23:59
  • 7/20 12:00 ~ 7/29 23:59



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