1500RT Twitter Rewards

Congratulations everyone for reaching 1500 RTs! Here are your rewards:

  • Bench Press x1 of each type
  • Jump Orbs x100
  • PHY +50 OB Soda
  • HRT +50 OB Soda
  • Guaranteed 5★ Jump Unit Ticket x1

Distribution Period: 08/01 12:00 ~ 08/08 23:59

Guaranteed 5★ Jump Unit Ticket


This gacha has a fixed pool of Jump units and the ticket for this gacha can be redeemed from 08/01 12:00. All units in this gacha are Jump units and will only be summonable at 5★ rarity.

  • Shohoku Super Rookie – Rukawa Kaede
  • The Boy with a Death Note – Light Yagami
  • Dwelling Power of 9 Tails – Uzumaki Naruto
  • Seigaku’s Genius Player – Fuji Shusuke
  • The Girl Kept Alive By Illusions – Chrome Dokuro
  • Gotei 13, Lieutenant of the 13th Division – Rukia Kuchiki
  • A Small Brave Man – Dai
  • Human Paopei – Li Nataku
  • Princess of Alabasta – Nefertari Vivi
  • The Girl with Strawberry Panties – Aya Toujou
  • The Class’ Aspiring Actress – Iori Yoshizuki
  • Dream to be a GangStar – Giorno Giovanna
  • Rebound King – Sakuragi Hanamichi
  • Candidate to be Vongola Tenth – Sawada Tsunayoshi
  • The Saiyan Raised on Earth – Son Goku
  • The Successor of Nanto Suicho Ken – Rei
  • The Strongest Duelist – Yugi Moto
  • A Video Girl With A Heart – Ai Amano
  • Survivor of the Kurta – Kurapika

Gacha Period: 08/01 12:00 ~ 08/15 23:59


Jumputi New Hero Festival Celebration!

Every Monday when a New Heroes Festival Gacha appears, certain events will be held to celebrate! Let’s blow away the melancholy feelings with a bright and uplifting summer festival!


These events or events similar are intended to be held every week so whether you summon or not, everyone can benefit from all the stuff going on!

*If a gacha or Event would fall on a holiday then expect it to be released on the following weekday

#1. Jumputi New Hero Festival Gacha!


Every Monday a Jumputi New Hero Festival Gacha will be released!

New series are being added to the game and they bring new units with them! These featured 5★ units will be rated up! Additionally on your 3rd Multi Summon on this banner you will get a guaranteed 5★ unit from the 2 new ones that have been added in this banner!

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Version 1.8.2

Maintenance: 7/26 13:00~18:00

Quest Deck Number: Increased to 8

Arena Deck Number: Increased to 5 (Deck 1 is your automatic Defence Deck)

Box Space: Increased by 50 for all customers

Display Change: Rework of the notification for events that are in time slots

Gold Quest: Changed to be available every day

Skill Quest: Changes have been made to the schedule

  • Monday: DPS
  • Tuesday: Tank
  • Wednesday: Healer
  • Thursday: Support
  • Friday: All Rounder
  • Saturday: DPS + Healer + Support
  • Sunday: All Rounder + Tank

Drops: The drops for Gold and Quests will be revamped

Koma Stage Adjustment: Changes for enemy skills on stages 1&2 of the stage [Iron Wall – Satisfaction – Resistance] Koma Quest

Other: Next Event Preparation & Bug Fixes