Scheduled Large Update V1.8.0

Here you will be informed about part of the new update that will be arriving soon in Ore Collection!

New Item “Koma”

A “Koma” (or Panel) can be equipped to characters, these can do all sorts of things, including Stat buffs, allow units to inflict statuses, block debuffs etc.


About Koma

These items will be obtainable as rewards from quests and other places.

You can Strengthen these Koma by using Jump Gold! By strengthening you can increase their strength or add bonus effects!


There are many different kinds of Koma. Equipping multiple of the same kind of Koma will result in a Bonus!


Example – Equip enough copies of a Koma and receive a bonus

  • Strong Blow Koma Set Effect Bonus: +25% Attack
  • Iron Wall Koma Set Effect Bonus: -10% Damage Received

About Scene Cards

Scene cards will no longer be equippable to your units. Koma will take their place as the new stat buffing functionality. You will still keep your scenes but they will not serve that purpose anymore and will instead only be used for levelling your account level.


  • New Item “Koma” will be added as a special drop to certain stages
  • Along with the implementation of “Koma”, Jump Quest and Event quests will be adjusted
  • “Koma” information will be added to the tutorial
  • “Scene Card List” and “Scene Card Enhancement” will be removed from the Character Menu Screen
  • Adjustments to Critical Hit Rate, the way it works, the specifications and how it is displayed in character status

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