1st Anniversary Legend Arena


The 1st Anniversary Season of Legend Arena has been announced!

  • Anniversary Season Round 1 – 7/10 after Maintenance ~ 7/16 23:59
  • Anniversary Season Round 2 – 7/17 12:00 ~ 7/23 23:59
  • Anniversary Season Round 3 – 7/24 12:00 ~ 7/30 23:59

Each round rewards and exchange prizes will be updated so you can buy them again!

Each round has around a 12 hour break before the next one starts

Notices during this Season!

  • This season’s reward will be Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho!
  • Yu Yu Hakusho Scene gacha will be added
  • During the 3rd round the max amount of certain items available for purchase in the store will be increased!
  • Rewards are tweaked on the final round of this season!
  • If your battle score is less than 1500, the amount of point you lose from a defeat will be reduced
  • Adjusted rank rewards so that players rank 1300 and above will receive the Arena unit as a rank reward
  • You can now purchase 3 “20% Chance 5★ Tickets” per round
  • Bench Press reduced to 100 points
  • You can now purchase 30 “Power Up Gacha Tickets” per round
  • Updated 5★ & 20% 5★ Pool: Adding Bruno Bucciarati, Hibino Makoto, Tanjiro Kamado and Kobayakawa Sena

Yu Yu Hakusho Scene Gacha


A Yu Yu Hakusho Scene Gacha with brand new scenes featuring Kurama is being added, a good opportunity to add these scenes to your collection for the new unit this season!

Featured Unit


Mortal-Bound Kitsune – Kurama

from Yu Yu Hakusho

Type: Intelligence

Class: All Rounder

Era: 1990s

Ultimate Attack: Fūka Enbu Jin

Inflict 500% damage to the enemy main team (Cooldown: 36)

Skill 1: Weaponized Plantlife

Inflict 150% damage to the enemy main team, if they are Poisoned inflict a further 300% damage (Cooldown: 22)

Skill 2: Seed from the Demon Realm

Reduce the Attack of the target by a Large amount for 2 turns, furthermore, Roll Back their Ultimate Attack by 10% (Cooldown: 17)

Skill 3: Kyūketsu Shokubutsu

Inflict 2 hits of 100% damage to the enemy main team and Heal this unit for 25% of their max HP (Cooldown: 20)


  • Boost the Attack of all Intelligence team members by a Medium amount, Boost the Attack of all team members with the Cool Headed characteristic by a Medium amount
  • When this unit’s HP is above 50%, reduce this unit’s Damage Received by a Mega amount
  • Block 1 Stat debuff for all team members with the Cool Headed characteristic

Let’s Jump Awaken Kurama!

Version 2 Kurama will be able to Jump Awaken! Using the medals below, Kurama can awaken into his powerful Yoko form!


Kurama requires the following medals to awaken:

  • 1990s Medals x30
  • Kurama Medal x1
  • Hiei Medals x1
  • Karasu Medals x1

The Kurama Medal will be a rank reward for reaching finishing the season as a Legendary Editor (Top Rank). The Hiei and Karasu medals can be purchased from the arena store until 08/06 23:59. All medals will be made available in the point exchange at a later date.

Jump Awakened

Jump Ultimate Attack: Makai no Ojigi Sō

Inflict 400% damage to all enemies and if they are Burned inflict a further 500% damage (Cooldown: 30)

Skill 4: A Ruthless Trump Card

Inflict 250% damage to the enemy main team, furthermore, boost their Damage Received by enemies with the Cool Headed characteristic by a Large amount for 2 turns (Cooldown: 18)

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