Loser Chojin’s True Power Gacha


During this period there will be an increased chance of pulling 5★ Limited gacha unit:

Prince of Planet Kinniku Suguru Kinniku

Gacha Period: 07/12 12:00 ~ 07/31 23:59

New Unit


Prince of Planet Kinniku  Suguru Kinniku

from Kinnikuman

Type: Physical

Class: DPS

Era: 1960s ~ 1970s

Ultimate Attack: Double Kinniku Buster

Inflict 2 hits of 400% damage to the target (Cooldown: 33)

Skill 1: Kajiba no Kuso Djikara

When this unit has 5% HP or more apply a Guts state to himself that, when a move would reduce his HP to 0, reduces it only to 50% instead for 1 hit and reduce this unit’s Damage Received by a Large amount for 1 turn (Cooldown: 20)

Skill 2: Fu Rin Ka Zan

Inflict 4 hits of 150% damage to the target (Cooldown: 24)

Skill 3: Kinniku Buster

Inflict 400% damage that ignores defence to the target (Cooldown: 30)


  • Boost the Attack of Physical team members by a Medium amount
  • Boost this unit’s Damage Dealt to Heart units by an Extreme amount
  • When this unit has 30% HP or more, reduce the Damage Received from Heart enemies for all allies by a Large amount

Jump Awakening

By obtaining medals from the store Suguru can be Jump Awakened!


Suguru requires the following medals to awaken:

  • 1960s~1970s Medal x30
  • Kinnikuman Medals x50
  • Meat Medals x50
  • Terryman Medals x50

Jump Awakened

Ultimate Attack: Kinniku Driver

Boost this unit’s Damage Dealt to Heart enemies by a Mega amount for 1 turn, inflict 600% damage to the target and a further 400% damage to all enemies (Cooldown: 33)

Skill 4: The Power of Friendship

Boost the Attack of all Physical team members by an Extreme amount for 2 turns and make them immune to Ultimate Attack Rollback for 2 turns (Cooldown: 18)

Scene Gacha


A new scene gacha will be held adding new scenes from Kinnikuman. Use these scenes to level up your account even further!

Suguru Medals

For a limited time, you will be able to purchase the Suguru Specific awakening medals for the reduced price of 100 points each (limited to 50 of each)

Sale Period: 07/12 12:00 ~ 08/01 3:59

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