Unity Battle – Keigo Atobe


Unity Battle returns with the new boss – Atobe!

Event Period: 07/27 15:00 ~ 08/03 14:59

The Bounty

The Fourth ever Unity Battle Bounty will be Keigo Atobe from The Prince of Tennis! The Keigo Atobe Legend Summon will be a reward for contributing to his demise! There will also be a reward of a free multi summon ticket!


Also depending on the number of Atobes you defeat there is a chance for all guild members to win Rubies and Exchange Medals at the end of the event! In this announcement we will go into detail about what to expect from this event.

Atobe Invasion

Boss: Atobe – The Prince of Tennis [Type: Aqua]

Mission: Challenge Atobe – 10 Rubies

You can check the individual rewards in game by clicking on the Jump Assistant in the Guild Tree House (once the event has begun)

Defeat Atobe Support Gacha


A special gacha will be held to help players collect the units they need to defeat Atobe! This is a special step up that can be used one time, you can see the details below!

Special Offers

  • 1st Single – 25 Rubies
  • 1st Multi – 500 Rubies
  • 2nd Multi – 750 Rubies
  • 3rd Multi – Guaranteed 5★ Pick Up unit
  • 6th Multi – Guaranteed 5★ Pick Up unit
  • 9th Multi – Guaranteed 5★ Pick Up unit

Standard Rates

  • 5% chance of a 5★
  • Guaranteed at least one 4★ or higher in a Multi

PickUp Units

  • Naruto Uzumaki – Naruto
  • Yugi Muto – Yu-gi-oh
  • Hinata Shoyo Haikyuu
  • Ryoma Echizen – The Prince of Tennis

Gacha Period: 07/27 15:00 ~ 08/03 14:59

What is Unity Battle?

Unity Battles are special events that you can challenge when you join a guild. By defeating a “Bounty” in cooperation with your guild, get luxury rewards including a new Legend.

The more bounties defeated the more prizes that can be earned! Each player’s “Degree of Contribution” will be taken into account. This is determined by the amount of damage you inflict to the Bounty. Once your “Degree of Contribution” reaches a certain number, you can receive prizes such as Legend Enhancement Materials, Exchange Medals and Rubies!

How do I Join In?

In order to take part in Unity Battle, you must be a part of a guild! You can see the Unity Battle section of the guild by clicking on the Jump Assistant as seen in the picture below


Let’s Get the Order Form!

“Bounty Orders” are necessary to find a bounty. If you clear any adventure during the event period a “Bounty Order” may drop. If one member of the guild uses a “Bounty Order” other members will be able to join and play for a certain time

There are also rarities for bounty orders, the drop rate of luxury items will be higher with higher rarity Bounty Orders. The chances of finding a Rare Prize on a higher rarity Bounty Order will also be increased!

Hosting rooms will require “Raid Tickets”, everyone will start with 5 which is the maximum capacity, one will recharge each hour after you use one. You do not need a Raid ticket to join a room. By using a bounty you will get your first room host free, but every run after that on that bounty will require someone to host a room using a Raid Ticket


Let’s Damage the Bounty for Prizes!

If you find a Bounty using a Bounty Order, in order to defeat the boss you must damage their HP (it is very high). You can challenge alone or as a group with players from your guild. Damage given to the Bounty is maintained even after the battle is over so there is an opportunity to re-challenge the boss multiple times and scrape away at their HP.

Don’t forget that Bounties can Run Away so do your best to defeat them within the time limit! Although at higher levels you will have to plan around multiple runs of the stage as the difficulty will be far harder.

The maximum level is 99.


Let’s Get All Kinds of Rewards!

In Unity Battle there are 4 kinds of rewards:

  • Participation Reward
  • Victory Reward
  • Contribution Reward
  • Number of Hunted Reward

Since various rewards are available, this is a good opportunity to challenge yourself to earn lots of prizes!

Participation Reward

You will receive this reward even in the event of a TIME UP or Defeat, but you cannot earn this reward if you surrender

Victory Reward

This reward is obtained when the bounty’s HP reaches 0, If you challenged the bounty even once and dealt damage then you will be given this reward upon victory!

Contribution Reward

Each player’s “Degree of Contribution” will be taken into account. This is determined by the amount of damage you inflict to the Bounty. Once your “Degree of Contribution” reaches a certain number, you can receive prizes such as Legend Enhancement Materials and Rubies!

Number of Hunted Reward

The more bounties you are a part of defeating the higher these rewards will be

How to advance favourably in Unity Battle

Invest coins in your guild to boost HP, ATK and DEF. Work as a team to build yourselves up to a point where you can defeat tricky bounties.

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