Limited Quest Karma Akabane


Starting 8/3, this stage will be available to play once per day for a limited period

Event Period: 08/03 12:00 ~ 09/03 3:59

Clearing this quest will earn you your first 3★ copy of Karma

For each clear you also receive;

  • Karma Akabane Vouchers x10
  • Exchange Points x2500
  • All Rounder Scrolls

This quest is a beginner difficulty quest that any player can enjoy so no need to prepare for this!

First Ever Clear Reward

  • 3★ Karma Akabane
  • Jump Orbs x20

Guaranteed Rewards Each Time

  • Karma Character Vouchers x10
  • Exchange Points x2500

Random Chance Rewards

  • All Rounder (Small) x5
  • All Rounder (Medium) x5
  • All Rounder (Large) x5

Karma’s Road to Victory


Karma Akabane can be evolved all the way to Victory rarity using his own special evolvers:

  • 3 x 3★ Test Problem Capture Gun
  • 4 x 4★ Killer Assassination Knife
  • 5 x 5★ Gakushū Asano

During the period below, purchase these evolver materials from the point exchange

Store Period: 08/03 12:00 ~ 09/16 3:59

  • 3★ Test Problem Capture Gun – 250 Points
  • 4★ Killer Assassination Knife – 500 Points
  • 5★ Gakushū Asano – 2000 Points

Let’s Trade for Karma Akabane


As with normal events, trade in the Character Vouchers you earn for Karma in exchange for a 3★ copy of the unit. You can trade 50 Vouchers for one copy!

Grab copies for Overboost to make your Karma even stronger!

Event Unit


Class E’s Battle Sense – Karma Akabane

from Assassination Classroom

Type: Intelligence

Class: All Rounder

Era: 2010s

Ultimate Attack: Karma Time

Reduce the Attack of the enemy main team by an Extreme amount for 2 turns and negate all Stat buffs. Inflict 700% damage to the target (Cooldown: 40)

Skill 1: Certain Kill

Boost this unit’s Damage Dealt to Agile units by a Mega amount for 2 turns (Cooldown: 27)

Skill 2: Demonic Mind

Prevent 3 Status debuffs to all allies with the Student characteristic (Cooldown: 25)

Skill 3: Believe me and move on

Boost this unit’s Ultimate Attack and Skill cooldown Charge Speed by 20% for 2 turns, Roll Forward the Ultimate Attack and Skill cooldowns of all team members with the Student characteristic by 20% (Cooldown: 37)


  • Reduce this unit’s Damage Received from DPS class units by a Medium amount
  • Boost the Attack of all team members against DPS class enemies by a Medium amount
  • Boost the Attack of all team members against Agile enemies by a Medium amount

Karma Super Effectiveness!

On the stage “[Strong Blow – Mystery – Sleepiness] Koma Quest” Karma is a super effective ally because all the enemies are DPS class!

On the stage “[Iron Wall – Satisfaction – Resistance] Koma Quest” Karma is a super effective ally because all the enemies are DPS class and there are many Agile enemies too!

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