Super Assault Quest Frieza


A Super assault is a quest, even more difficult than a normal assault, a true challenge of your skill and power!

Frieza from Dragon Ball will appear in Ore Collection!

Dates: 08/07 12:00 ~ 08/20 22:59 JST

Who is Frieza?


The Shimōni-jin are a mysterious race of aliens hailing from the Planet Geyser in the South Galaxy. Amongst this prestigious clan we have the sadistic emperor of the universe – Frieza. He has conquered people and planets throughout the universe including Planet Vegeta, home to the warrior race known as the Saiyans.

In his latest conquest, Frieza has come to Namek, home of the Namekians and of course…the Dragon Balls! His wish to become the immortal ruler of space itself is moments from being granted! After wiping out almost everyone on the entire planet there stands one man left in his way…and he’s a Saiyan?!

Event Info

This event has 2 difficulties, the first will be slightly easier than the difficulty you have come to expect from Assault quests but the second will be one of the hardest events this game has ever held. Koma will be key to defeating this stage.

Clear stage 1 to unlock stage 2! Stage 2 will drop a larger number of tickets than stage 1, so if you can beat it then that will be the best stage to farm.

Weekday Times

  • 7:00 – 7:59
  • 12:00 – 12:59
  • 18:00 – 18:59
  • 22:00 – 22:59

Weekend Times

  • 7:00 – 8:59
  • 12:00 – 13:59
  • 18:00 – 19:59
  • 22:00 – 23:59

Need to Know info

  • Defeat Frieza and earn Frieza Character Vouchers!
  • Purchase 3★ copies of Frieza from the Point Exchange using these Vouchers
  • After Frieza reaches a certain HP level, Frieza will enter his second phase, he will unleash a powerful Skill and Ultimate Attack in his second phase
  • The second stage difficulty is higher because Frieza will enter a third phase with a super powerful ultimate attack
  • Frieza speeds up his own cooldown speeds under a certain HP level
  • Frieza does boosted damage against Heart enemies
  • Frieza has a chance to counter attack normal attacks
  • Frieza has a chance to roll back your cooldown speeds by 5% when he counter attacks you
  • Bring high HP characters or Ultimates that heal or you will struggle greatly!
  • Frieza is Physical type so bring Technique type Allies!
  • Nico Robin is highly recommended as a unit to aid in your battle against Frieza

Stage 1 Missions

  • [Daily] Challenge Frieza once – 50 Stamina Bottle x2
  • [Daily] Beat Frieza once – 10 Frieza Character Vouchers
  • Beat Frieza 10 times – 20 Frieza Character Vouchers
  • Beat Frieza 20 times – 30 Frieza Character Vouchers
  • Beat Frieza 30 times – 30 Frieza Character Vouchers
  • Beat Frieza 40 times – 50 Frieza Character Vouchers
  • Beat Frieza 50 times – 70 Frieza Character Vouchers
  • Beat Frieza with an TEQ only team – 3★ Frieza

Stage 2 Missions

  • [Daily] Challenge Frieza once (8/7~8/13) – 10 TEQ Overboost Soda x1
  • [Daily] Challenge Frieza once (8/14~8/20) – 10 Jump Orbs
  • [Daily] Beat Frieza 1 time – 10 Frieza Character Vouchers
  • Beat Frieza 10 times – 10 TEQ Overboost Soda x1
  • Beat Frieza 20 times – 10 Jump Orbs
  • Beat Frieza 30 times – 10 TEQ Overboost Soda x1
  • Beat Frieza 40 times – 10 Jump Orbs
  • Beat Frieza 50 times – 10 TEQ Overboost Soda x1
  • Beat Frieza with an TEQ only team – 3★ Frieza

In Game Recommended Units

High Damage Ultimate Attacks

  • Guido Mista – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
  • Kenshiro – Fist of the North Star

Characters that negate Status debuffs and Heal

  • Alice Nakiri – Shokugeki no Soma

Characters that roll back or slow down skills/ultimates

  • Itachi Uchiha – Naruto
  • Sasuke Uchiha – Naruto
  • Rukawa Kaede – Slam Dunk
  • Tezuka Kunimitsu – The Prince of Tennis

Raid Unit


Emperor of the Universe – Frieza

from Dragon Ball

Type: Physical

Class: DPS

Era: 1980s

Ultimate Attack: Death Ball

Inflict 300% damage to all enemies. Negate all Stat buffs on Heart enemies and prevent Stat buffs to them for 2 turns (Cooldown: 28)

Skill 1: Destroy the Planet

Inflict 150% damage to all enemies, reduce their Ultimate Attack Damage by a Large amount for 2 turns. Roll Back the Ultimate Attack and Skill cooldowns of Heart type main team enemies by 5% (Cooldown: 20)

Skill 2: I’ll blow you up just like that Human

Inflict 150% damage to the enemy main team and boost their Damage Received from Physical units by a Large amount for 2 turns (Cooldown: 22)

Skill 3: Deathly Full Power

Boost this unit’s Ultimate Attack Damage and Skill Damage by a Large amount for 2 turns (Cooldown: 18)


  • Boost the Attack of Physical team members by a Medium amount
  • Boost the HP of team members with the Alien characteristic by a Medium amount
  • Until the end of the first turn that this unit takes damage, reduce this unit’s Damage Received by 1000

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