Release Celebration Gatcha!


To celebrate the release of Shonen Jump Stadium, a special one time only gatcha will be held. The cost for this special gatcha is only 125 gems, so let’s collect some memories and start off right!

Dates: 08/02 ~ 08/15 12:59 JST

This Gatcha will have 3★ Scenes that can help your favorite fighters remember certain techniques to use in battle. Some of these memories include:

SP Release

A memory that allows the fighter to use their special attack in battle.

Consecutive Attack Increase

This memory will increase your fighters combo string. Use scenes with this skill to lay out continuous damage.

Dash Release and Dash Distance Increase

This memory will allow your fighter to dash, as well as increase the distance that your dash travels. Very useful when you need to get out of a tricky situation.

Charge Attack Release

This memory will allow your fighter to use their powerful charge attack. Blow away your opponents with this powerful skill

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