6 Series Pick-Up Gatcha

The version has been updated and with that, a new pick-up gatcha has been added!


Gatcha Period: 08/08 After Maintenance ~ 08/22 12:59

This gatcha will make pulling for certain series scenes much easier! The featured scenes on this banner will give your characters the memories they need to truly make it to the top! The series that are featured on this banner are:

  • Cat’s Eye
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
  • Tottemo! Luckyman
  • One Piece
  • Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo
  • My Hero Academia

Below we will give you our recommendations for character builds:

wv_CM_07_HTM.png Hitomi Kisugi


This set focuses on her speed. Dash is specialized for quick get-aways, while also reinforcing her SP Technique. Hit quick and finish off with a fierce SP attack!

wv_SS_07_0001.png3★ [Cool Job]

SP Technique Release (40 sec. charge time)

wv_SS_07_00023★ [You’re Pretty Early!]

Dash Release

wv_SS_07_0006.png2★ [A Splendid Escape!]

Increase Aerial Atack Power (+150)

wv_CM_16_JOT.png Jotaro Kujo


This set focuses on the power of his stand. Decide the game quick by taking advantage of both his stands long reach and long combo. Finish it off with a flurry of hits from his SP Attack!

wv_SS_16_00013★ [If you wish to die, then go ahead!]

SP Technique Release (60 sec. charge time)

wv_SS_16_00033★ [Go! Silver Chariot]

Charge Attack Release

wv_SS_16_00062★ [Dark Blue Moon’s Tactics]

Increase ground attacks power (+150)

download Luckyman


His SP Technique is perfect for clearing characters in a specific area. This set will increase his mobility, and increase his base power. Perfect for picking players off!

wv_SS_25_00023★ [Attacking at Full Power!!]

Dash Release

wv_SS_25_00013★ [Luckyman has come!!]

SP Technique Release (60 sec. charge time)

wv_SS_25_00062★ [It’s Ken, the Lucky One!!]

Increase Aerial attacks power (+150)

wv_CM_33_LUF Monkey D. Luffy


This set doubles down on both his strength and mobility. This allows his usability to be further improved. Finally, an increased combo allows him to battle with the best!

wv_SS_33_00013★ [It’s easy to understand!]

SP Technique Release (60 sec. charge time)

wv_SS_33_00023★ [I will finish this!]

Dash Release & Dash Distance Up (small)

wv_SS_33_00033★ [I’ll take that bet]

Charge Attack Release

wv_CM_38_BBB.png Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo


This set Increases his attack capabilities, drawing out the massive potential this character has!

wv_SS_38_00013★ [A greeting instead.]

SP Technique Release (60 sec. charge time)

wv_SS_38_00023★ [Okay, God! Forgive Me!!]

Combo Attack Increase (+1)

wv_SS_38_00082★ [Margarita Kingdom’s 4th Heavenly King OVER]

Knockback Up & Attack Increase (100)

wv_CM_52_IZK.png Izuku Midoriya


With a huge emphasis on both strength and mobility, this set strengthens him by shortening his SP technique charge time!

wv_SS_52_00013★ [The Essence of a Hero]

SP Technique Release (40 sec. charge time)

wv_SS_52_00023★ [You’ll have to earn this win you two!!]

Dash Release & Dash Distance Up (small)

wv_SS_52_00062★ [Please pair up with me!!]

Speed increase (small)

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