New Scenes Introduced!


New scenes were added to the standard gatcha on August 8th! These scenes will upgrade the characters abilities when installed, and introduce new skills to these characters! Use them to customize your favorite heroes, and let’s create teams that will defeat the competition!

The new scenes below are shown at their respective max levels (3★ Lv. 75 & 2★ Lv. 55)

3★ [Stop messing with that machine]


Attack: 305

Defense: 450

 Memory: Increase SP Technique Strength (200)

3★ [Go! Silver Chariot]


Attack: 380

Defense: 325

 Memory: Charge Attack Release

3★ [Everyone Look at Me! This is who I am!]


Attack: 370

Defense: 385

 Memory: Increase SP Technique Strength (200)

3★ [I’ll take that bet]


Attack: 355

Defense: 345

 Memory: Charge Attack Release

2★ [Margarita Kingdom’s 4th Heavenly King OVER]


Attack: 295

Defense: 275

 Memory: Knockback Up & Attack Increase (100)

2★ [I am a Hero]


Attack: 280

Defense: 280

 Memory: Increase Ground Attack Power (150)

With the new scenes being added, a pick-up gatcha is also being held for these 6 series! More information can be found here: 6 Series Pick-Up Gatcha

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