Transcendent Class Event – Hayama


A Transcendent Class event will be held starting from 08/13

The event – Accompaniment of Aroma & Stimulation! This event will drop an exclusive character and will provide experience for you and your characters!

This will be your chance to get a copy of Akira Hayama from Shokugeki no Soma!

Event Duration: 08/13 15:00 ~ 09/03 14:59

Stage Info

The stage will be available in 2 difficulties:

  • Super Class – 25 Stamina
  • Transcendent Class – 35 Stamina

Single Play

We understand that not everyone is able to participate in Multiplayer for one reason or another so, Single Play stages are implemented to help those users obtain copies of the powerful units. The chance of the boss dropping a copy of themselves is Doubled!

Multi Play

If you play with others online you can recieve more rewards through the Luck Bonuses of all 4 players in a game!

The boss will have a chance to drop a 5★ copy of himself, you can also receive multiple copies per run with Luck bonus in Multiplay. Hayama is a powerful unit who can be awakened to 6★ rarity so try your best to get him to 99 Luck!

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