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*Please note, there will be speculation in this post

A new Campaign is being held on Jumputi! We get to see things a little earlier around here sometimes, so let’s take a look:


We believe that this campaign will be held to celebrate a new game trailer or CM (Cinematic Movie?) for Jumputi. It would appear that the band GOLDEN BOMBER will appear in this trailer somewhere but we will see tomorrow!

Unity Battle

We know that unity battle will come this week, the boss is Dr. Mashirito from Dr. Slump. He will be Green. The Legend Summon reward is Dr. Senbei Norimaki also from Dr. Slump!

Arale will obviously be super useful against this event so she is included on the banner of units to help you defeat the stage, other useful Red units will be there too.

c1dnzc5Z.jpg large

We have been getting Multi (10 times) tickets from Unity Battle recently, but this time it seems we will be getting a 5★ Red ticket again!

FFX0FMNm.jpg large

New Heroes Gacha


It is unexpected but New Units from older series are being added, next monday we will get 2 new units from series that already have gacha 5★s!

Teruhashi Kokomi from Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan

Fuji Shūsuke from The Prince of Tennis

I think these are 2 cool units to be added, but very unexpected. Many people will ask now for units like Sasuke, Killua/Kurapika, Erina and more like that. We still think a very exciting unit will be added on 3rd September (current guess, Black Clover or Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure).

New Transcendent Class Event

36v-URnb.jpg large

Gadzilla Norimaki aka Gatchan will be the next Transcendent Class Event! All the events will get a new lower difficulty for beginners, all events also seem to have lower stamina cost too! From what we can tell, she will be Yellow type and she will be 100% guaranteed drop on at least the first run!

Gatchan from Dr. Slump

Ruby Sales

There will be 2 packs available for sale next week! The first is just a normal discount, the second however gives you 1000 rubies + the chance to have a multi where you choose your own 5★ unit! It will be just like the beginner multi but with Naruto, Ichigo and Gon included in the selection this time!

Here is the banner:

3rJlfBou.jpg large

Other Assorted Banners

CM Event, Login Bonus includes 700 Rubies and a Multi Ticket!

Multi Ticket Banner:

IvyfA0b7.jpg large

CM Gacha, seems to let you summon 5 times, each time will be a multi with a guaranteed 5★!? If true, this is a very interesting banner:

RauL6tfn.jpg large

Free Multi Summon, I assume to celebrate the new trailer? Hard to say:

jBoooejL.jpg large

That is it for now, we should get campaign news in game tomorrow so we will see how much of this is correct then 😀

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