“Consumed by Darkness” Gacha


During this period there will be an increased chance of pulling 5★ Limited gacha unit:

Malevolent Wielder of the Kokuryūha – Hiei 

Gacha Period: 09/14 12:00 ~ 09/30 23:59

New Unit


Malevolent Wielder of the Kokuryūha – Hiei 

from Yu Yu Hakusho

Type: Agile

Class: DPS

Era: 1990s

Ultimate Attack: Jaō Ensatsu Ken

Inflict 500% damage to the enemy main team (Cooldown: 33)

Skill 1: “That’s an afterimage.”

Block 1 hit of damage to this unit and counter attack all normal attacks for 2 turns (Cooldown: 18)

Skill 2: Jaō Ensatsu Rengoku Shō

Inflict 3 hits of 100% damage to the enemy main team and Burn them for 4000 damage per turn for 2 turns (Cooldown: 20)

Skill 3: Hyperspeed

Inflict 80% damage that ignores defence to the target (Cooldown: 5)


  • Boost the Attack of all team members with the Fire characteristic by a Large amount
  • When this unit’s HP is 50% or more, boost this unit’s Ultimate Attack Damage by an Extreme amount
  • Reduce this unit’s Damage Received from units with the Strength characteristic by a Medium amount

Jump Awakening

By obtaining medals from the store Hiei can be Jump Awakened!


Hiei requires the following medals to awaken:

  • 1990s Medal x30
  • Hiei (Jagan) Medals x50
  • Yukia Medals x50
  • Bui Medals x50

Jump Awakened

Ultimate Attack: Kiwameta Kokuryūha

Boost this unit’s Attack by an Extreme amount for 3 turns, inflict 600% damage to the enemy main team, Hiei falls Asleep after using this technique (Cooldown: 28)

Skill 4: Jaō Ensatsu Kokuryūha

Inflict 200% damage to all enemies and inflict 200% damage to all Strength enemies (Cooldown: 21)

Hiei Medals

For a limited time, you will be able to purchase the Hiei Specific awakening medals for the reduced price of 100 points each

Sale Period: 09/14 12:00 ~ 10/01 03:59

Hiei Return Plans

Expect Hiei to return in mid October in the Agile Jumpfect Selection gacha!

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