09/13 Data Download Info

*Please note, there will be speculation in this post

One of the biggest data downloads we have had in a long time, containing info on 4 different series!! This hasn’t happened in a long time so it’s quite exciting to see how it will be handled! Let’s get started!

Limited Gacha

9Vqq0iLs.jpg large

Yet another limited… for a while we were sure they would be monthly but once again we have been proven wrong…

Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku from Dragon Ball

I assume he will be Thunder (Yellow) considering none of the other limited units have changed type. We had been predicting the Thunder limited to be SSJ3 Goku for a while but they didn’t do them in order so it threw us off a little. I’m pretty much out of predictions for Limited units now, will we get another one next week? and if so, who?

New Heroes Gacha

Bl-3Ed6E.jpg large

Back to 4 new series a week? This was very unexpected, while I never disliked this format before, we have been spoiled with the 50% chance of getting the unit you want on recent banners. These series in particular are ones I have heard a lot of people asking for so for all of them to come on the same banner is quite a nice surprise at least.

Keiichi Aniya from Rookies

Keiichi probably has my favourite sprite and artwork from this batch.  While I have not read Rookies, it still came as a surprise that the character featured on all the volume covers (Koichi Kawato) was not the one released in this gacha…

Tar-chan from Jungle King Tar-chan

A fair bit more obscure than everyone else here but good to see him being added. Maybe we will also get Shape Up Ran? I do think it’s likely we will see more from Tar-chan in the future in events but obviously I can’t know for sure considering how little support some series have gotten…

Toriko from Toriko

Finally seeing Toriko is great and really no surprise considering his popularity but why is he by himself?? So many candidates for Unity Battle, Battle Rush, FP units, Event units, Login units, gacha 4 stars or well… anything really…. I guess Toriko fans will just be happy to get anything for now and certainly more will come later

Ai Amano from Video Girl Ai

Wow look how adorable she is! Probably my most desired unit from this gacha and great to see more top tier heroines! Will we see characters like Iori and Itsuki any time soon, I hope so but considering how long Ai took to arrive, it may be a while… Also, no love for Youta-kun in this game either it seems….

Ai will be Thunder (Yellow) type.

These four units will arrive on Monday Tuesday?!

New Transcendent Class Event

-bYsPFgw.jpg large

Video Girl Mai will be the next Ultimate Class Event! The boss Mai Kamio will be available as a drop! She will be Aqua (Blue)!

Mai Kamio from Video Girl Ai

I am happy it was Video Girl Ai to get the Event in the end. I feel like Toriko was guaranteed to get something late to it’s nice for Ai to get something now!

Important note! Ai is unit 1 in the log and Mai is unit 3! That means at least 1 more Video Girl Ai unit is planned for the future!

Brand New Costumes!

For the Cultural Festival period, Jumputi will be releasing School Uniform versions of 3 characters including a brand new character!

I LOVE these costumes, Ochaco is an absolute MUST purchase for me! This also explains the Pearls appearing in the most recent Unity Battle but don’t go thinking that is it!

Super Jumputi Cultural Festival Event

fJYDY6mY.jpg large

When I first saw this I assumed it was a new event island….but there isn’t a new one in the files?! Seems not however, but some new items do seem to be promised from this event whatever it actually is!

As you can see with the banners above, it seems like Jumputi is continuing their reworked approach to rewards that we started to see during the CM Campaigns. Many different kinds of tickets up for grabs as well as the Ticket fragments we saw in the Unity Battle rewards!

Cultural Festival Gacha

RCdJ4Xa4.jpg large

Well this is really odd but to be honest it’s not a bad idea by the devs…. Restricting a popular unit to these banners makes them way more desirable to players who would normally instantly skip them, however for many players this week will seem like a gacha too many for their Ruby counts….

Koichi Kawato from Rookies

Kawato being restricted to this banner is somewhat annoying and for fans of Rookies unfortunately this banner is a mixed bag. I understand that the banner has a theme and that’s fine but damn featuring these old units is a killer really….

Rubies and Pearls sale

uJ21sAs7.jpg large

No surprises here, obviously the Rubies and Pearls sale returns and as always, I only really recommend buying this if you are a whale or really really like a particular costume but can’t afford it…

Thank You Gintama

Low4UHyC.jpg large

Well with Gintama coming to an end after such a long time, this is a nice touch by the devs and with a Guaranteed 5* Gintama unit available in the steps. But wasn’t there one more….. will he be included? If not then this banner is a big swing and a miss….

And that seems to be all for this week, I honestly have been completely thrown off by these last few weeks of data downloads and other than my ongoing prediction for Jojo this October, I have absolutely no idea what to expect in the coming weeks…



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